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Posted on January 30th, 2010 in exploit,New Domains,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

iframe domains, money-mule domains, exploit domains, zeus domains and more to add to your dns sinkhole or shunlist. Sources include www.malwaredomainlist.com, www.bobbear.co.uk, malc0de.com, and others:

2youre .com analiticcontrol .net
33333 .4499a .cn antiviruspro2scan .com
4499a .cn antiviruspro7scan .com
51edm .net antiviruspro8scan .com
6alava .com antiviruspro9scan .com
71709 .com armordefender .com
777769 .com aurora-groupco .tw
aae .bij .pl aurora-groupco .ws
aba .bij .pl aurora-groupinc .tw
adslash .com aurora-groupinc .ws
adwrestelnin .com bestmultimediaworld .com
ajsfiheuvffa .com branderideklub .dk
alfaheidi .is bulletproofsoft .com
anatine .in c12809 .nb .host127-0-0-1 .com
antivi-areus .net chernobylcchrmail .org
apcsecure .com chernobylhrmail .org
arhewi .com .pl cobalttrueblue .ru
arketwood .com counterengine .net
authentictype .ru dogphotography .nl
axul13 .com down .facecooker .com
base7711 .com down1130 .iwillhavesexygirls .com
bij .pl downloadavr15 .com
bint-tjnn .com downloadavr20 .com
bogi .gpsforum .sk downloadavr30 .com
brsqb .cn downloadavr40 .com
chafes .info downloadavr50 .com
chernobyl .cc electromusicnow .cn
chernobylcc .org file .winnerstudy .net
chits .biz fwlink .nx7 .zedo .com .adslash .com
cihaz .info globalstopaids .org
club .9istyle .com google-freehost .ru
com222 .net is .t1ll .loveu .count .xj .cn
cometruestar .ru is .t7i1ll .loveu .count .xj .cn
dbsclick .com is .t7ill .loveu .count .xj .cn
dhkgpylwrl .com is .till .loveu .count .xj .cn
dotvst37 .cn ist1ill .love .u .count .xj .cn
e-autosystem .gr ist3i1ll .lov .eu .count .xj .cn
ermisp .gr ist3ill .lov .eu .count .xj .cn
erotic-food .ch ist4il1l .love .u .count .xj .cn
essentiuz .com ist4ill .love .u .count .xj .cn
feda-wien .at ist5il1l .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
firstrew .com ist5ill .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
fivestar .ch ist6il1l .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
gochatting .co .uk ist6ill .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
hcgalleri .com isti11ll .love .u .count .xj .cn
herangi .com isti1ll .love .u .count .xj .cn
info-web .main .jp isti21ll .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
jippings .com isti2ll .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
loosale .com isti5ll .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
loxmad .com isti6ll .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
magnumopus .dk istil3l .lov .eu .count .xj .cn
mamarubik .in istil4l .love .u .count .xj .cn
mdwyt .com istill .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
moloky .com istill .lov .eu .count .xj .cn
mytijn .org istill .love .u .count .xj .cn
nm .fcrazy .com istill2 .lo .veu .count .xj .cn
przeklej .pl magneskapcsolo .hu
ptxk .com maquinaslitograficas .com
qaqaqaqa .com mydatabasedirect .net
qbxq16 .com newliveplayer .com
qvod .com partner-groupinc .ws
radyoliva .com protectdefender .com
rainmannn .org protectsoldier .com
refda .com render-groupinc .ws
refslst .com secureorderstore .com
riadkenzo .com supertruelife .ru
sbeqpirscun .com therealmckoy .com
secline333 .net tmunvictoria .com
silence7 .cn trade-statistics .com
superpropicks .ru truelifefamily .ru
swanjin .com ubojnajasila .net
timsmurf .com usagooglevideo .info
traffs .biz veggiemama .com .hk
ty .lnlycnc .cn yourauthentic .ru
updateqs .org yourenterain .com
vipimagine .cn zarcoexchange .biz
yourmaxmedia .ru zarcoexchange .info
yourtruegame .ru zarcoexchange .net
yourtruemate .ru zarcoexchange .org
zexmad .com

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