250 new harmful domains

Posted on September 9th, 2009 in New Domains,rogue antivirus by dglosser

Rogue security domains,  fake antivirus domains,  some sql injection domains.   Sources include www.malwareurl.com,  s3cwatch.wordpress.com,     www.siteadvisor.com and others:

18xn .com 1a-7294 .antagus .de
1kfie .cn ablegang .com
28zxc .ws advancedpcscanner2 .com
345s .com advancedpcscanner3 .com
5fgh .ws advancedpcscanner6 .com
88mw .com advancedpcscanner9 .com
88wdvd .cn advancedvirscanner3 .com
99boxx .com antivirus-deluxe .com
a3h .at antivirusplus1 .com
a3l .at antivirusquickscan3 .com
a3q .at antivirusquickscan5 .com
a5f .at antivirus-xp .awardspace .us
a5h .at armor-groupco .cc
a5j .at armor-groupco .cn
a5m .at avir-guardian .com
apalet .info av-scan-2009 .com
b5c .at av-scan-2009-up .com
b5r .at av-scanner-2009 .com
b6l .at awareremover .com
b6t .at beachhousename .cn
b7g .at besecuresallpcs .com
b7p .at best-antivirus3 .com
boksx .com best-antivirus8 .com
bqtl .in bestantivirusscanv8 .com
c6h .at bestscanantispywarev3 .com
c7h .at best-virus-scanner4 .com
c7r .at best-virus-scanner6 .com
c8t .at bigtopleads .cn
c9m .at bigtoprocks .cn
c9m .ru boxhidden .com
c9u .at brandschutztechnik-hartmann .de
captum .info cahsbadaboom .awardspace .us
cncn88cn .cn checkvirus-zone .net
dateing .de clean-all-spyware07 .com
dd88567 .cn coolnssecurity .com
dma .ma cosco-groupmain .cn
downbt .com cosco-groupmain .com
dwsx .com datescout .de
enlarg .info download4safe .com
envied .info dynamicfilmmedia .cn
erpeer .info earchsafetyprotection .net
espied .info ebookexpress .de
f6y .at enter .popporn .in
f7p .at entreamis .ma
f7y .at entryservice .de
f8a .at ertubedewse .com
figgle .info goeachscan .com
froday .info go-scansystem .com
gehae .info go-scansystem .net
grumio .info go-searchprotection .com
gssmedia .cn gotomyprotectedzone .com
haerh .info greatestsecscans .com
hardnut .cn greenbillsystem .com
hhbg .in homepersonalantivirus .com
huchinu .com hqvirusscanner2 .com
hyg12zk .eu imjustbored .com
hyg12zq .eu imoviemax .ru
hyu11heb .eu intsecureprof .com
hyu11hep .eu invalda-groupmain .cn
hyu11hew .eu kissfromde .cn
iis .mo .cn larkmedia .ru
ilixyeq .cn livetimesecurityscan .com
ilodux .cn livetimevirusscaner .com
iloefe .cn lowexeonline .com
iluefot .cn martpictureexistence .cn
inb4ch .com mashroomtheory .cn
in-t-h-e .cn meldorgroup .cn
ipqk .in micronetsys .org
jackvn .net movies-hidden-places .com
jaybi .ma mylovsecurity .com
jayfor .com myprotected-zone .com
kbgg .in mysecurityshield .net
kgapofef .cn newpcguard .net
kkxv .in ns37428 .ovh .net
lapsek .info officesecuritysupply .com
lowexe .com pagerank-backlinks .de
mcsmc .org pagerank-submit .de
mnprfix .cn pickknob .info
nqrl .in pictswizard .com
nyusa2a .eu porno-inter .ru
nyusa2b .eu proofdefender .com
nyusa2s .eu protectmycomputernow .com
oufc .in pro-voting .com
pleach .info publicpub .net
polear .info qingchun-meinv .cn
q0j .ru quickhealcleaner .com
q0w .ru quick-virus-scanner01 .com
q1f .ru ranking-charts .com
q1l .ru safetysystem-shield .net
q1n .ru scan4youpconline .com
q3c .ru scanonline-protect .com
q5k .ru scanonline-protect .net
qoeirq .com scan-secure .net
s1p5 .info scansystemonline .com
sallat .info scansystem-online .com
searce .info scantoolsite .com
sexyy .ru scanvirus-online .net
sicyon .info search-systemshield .com
slatch .info secure-systemshield .net
soac .in seyconel .com .br
spelem .info stonek .info
tour6 .info system-guard .net
traffok .cn system-guard2009 .com
u0r .ru tenshy .info
u1j .ru thegreatav .com
u3j .ru towton .info
u3m .ru tsfxzg .info
u3v .ru ultrapc-scan .com
u3y .ru unroot .info
u5m .ru us-windowsupdate .com
u5v .ru vagrom .info
u6k .ru vanni-van .cn
u6n .ru vector-groupfine .cn
u7e .ru vector-groupfly .cc
u7n .ru virusermoverpro .com
u7x .ru virusfilter-zone .net
u8b .ru viruskill2009 .com
u8h .ru vista-store .de
u9b .ru voided .info
u9k .ru vrenutredo .com
uppd .in web-masteru .do .am
x0o .ru windowsguardpro .com
xrbw .in windowsultimate-guard .com
ynaa .in winprotection-suite .net
z360 .net wins-guard .com

Read this page if you want to report a false positive.
Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
New: Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates.
The full files are located at: http://www.malwaredomains.com/files
BOOT file is in MS DNS format. spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.
Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.
Now a trusted source on the WOT-the Web of Trust!

Used by SURBL, MOREnet, and others…

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