100+ fake security domains, fake codecs, and other nasty domains to block

Posted on January 14th, 2009 in Domain News,fake codecs,New Domains,rogue antivirus by dglosser

Note: We added a  comment line in the spywaredomains.zones and BOOT file to denote each addition. Let us know ASAP if this causes a problem.

More fake codecs, fake antispyware,   and other nasty domains to block. Sources include ddanchev.blogspot.com,     safeweb.norton.com, www.malwaredomainlist.com, and others:

4utraffic .cc 3d-softwareportal .com
aadpw .cn advancedantivirusscan .com
adteksrv .net antivir-av-toolz .net
antispyexpert .com antivirus-secure-scanner .com
anti-vir-toolz .com av-mc-antivir-checker .com
av-scan-here .net becollectionoffiles .com
av-scan-soft .net bestantivirusdefense .com
bobthejoker .info best-anti-virus-scanner .com
clickandgetfile .com bestfilesarchive2009 .com
cpi2launo .com bestmyscanneronilne2 .com
czysgs .com bestmyscanneronilne3 .com
datainfoplace .com bestmytubeonilne1 .com
delshikandco .com bestmytubeonilne2 .com
delshiktds .com bestmytubeonilne3 .com
download2009exe .com codecdownload .filesstorage4you .com
downloadexenow .com crystalfilesarchive .com
dwnld-files .com downloadallsoft-now .com
dyrzj .com downloadall-soft-now .com
eastfilm .net download-files-plus .net
enewwindows .com downloadfilesportal .com
erhaha2 .cn downloadfilesservice .com
exefileshere .com exefileshere2009 .com
exesoftportal .com extrafilesonlyhere .com
expertcash .com fast-download-base-free .com
extracoolfiles .com files-download-arch .net
ezdvdx .com filesinnet4you2009 .com
fast-xxx-tube .net filesstorage2009 .com
filesportalhere .com filesstorage4you .com
har5launo .com freedownload2009 .com
ifjak .org freenonline-scanner .com
jetexestorage .com freenonline-scannera .com
katynude .com freenonline-scannerw .com
lover-world .name freepornclips2u .com
netcshow .net megaporntubesonline .com
pornexearchive .com my-bestpov-tube .com
pro4scan .com mybest-pov-tube .com
scan6new .com pc-anti-virus-scan .com
sextapegirls .net premiumadvancedscan .com
spcounter .info privatewebsystemupdate .com
tradingway .net professional-virus-scanner .com
trustsellers .co .cr pure-download-new .net
tube-chick .net quickly-porn-tube .net
tubeger .com scanner-pc-toolz .net
tube-hu .com secretfilesstoragehere .com
tube-more-sex .com softwareportalexefiles .com
uni-tube-911 .com softwareviewers2009 .com
u-tube-verse .com stabilityinternetscan .com
vetinc .name tube-4-free-center .com
viewerarchive .com tube-free-4-adult .net
virusnuke .com viewerdownload2009 .com
y6dq .cn x-filesstorehere .com
zilya-sosal .com zworksoftware .cn

Contact us if you want to help us keep the Malware Domain Blacklist current.
Read this page if you want to report a false positive.
Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates

The full files are located at: http://www.malwaredomains.com/files
BOOT file is in MS DNS format.

spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format. Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.Now a trusted source on the WOT-the Web of Trust!
Used by SURBL, MOREnet, and others…

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