Exploit Domains, iframes, malvertising

Posted on May 6th, 2012 in BH Exploit Kit,exploit,iframes,malvertising,New Domains,zeus by dglosser

Added over 140 domains associated with exploits, malvertising, ransom/rogues, and of course zeus, etc. Sources:www.mwis.ru, vxvault.siri-urz.net, vxvault.siri-urz.net (all sources are listed in our domain.txt file.)

Compressed files are located at: http://www.malware-domains.com (full zone files, note the dash)  and http://dns-bh.sagadc.org/.  We also have a mirror dedicated to research and Open Source Projects – contact us for details. NO ZONE FILES ARE LOCATED ON THIS SITE.

* Please help to keep this site free and donate whatever you can:  All donations go to hosting and infrastructure costs.
* These malware block lists provided here are for free for noncommercial use as part of the fight against malware.   Any use of this list commercially is strictly prohibited without prior approval.
* Please use the “datestamp” and “timestamp” file to determine if the list has been updated and ONLY pull the files you need – abusers will be banned! Use wget -N”!
* Yearly sponsorships are available. Full acknowledgment, an icon, and link back to your site will be placed in the left sidebar.
* Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference. Justdomains contains list of only the domain names. BOOT file is in MS DNS format. Malwaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.  Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats. A trusted source on the WOT-the Web of Trust . Used by SURBL, MOREnet, SANs, and others…

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