The Spyware Listening Post is Back!

Posted on August 16th, 2011 in Domain News by dglosser

After a short hiatus the Emerging Threats Spyware Listening Post is back!  (Matt was kind enough to host the first incarnation of the DNS-BH List on his servers many years ago back in the BleedingSnort days).
New capabilities include the ability to emulate and blackhole known command and control channels (more of a dark net project).
All information collected is sanitized and will NEVER be released in an identifiable format. The Spyware Listening Post will collect url, user-agent, domain requested, and http header patterns from HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

You contribution is very appreciated, and will make a direct impact on the quality and diversity of the Emerging Threats  Open rulesets and will help improve the DNS-BH List.

Here’s how to send your data:


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