Malware Domains Hall of Shame

Posted on August 15th, 2010 in Domain News by dglosser

In order to keep this list a manageable size,  domains are reevaluated on a regular basis.

About approximately 10,000 domains listed in 2009 were reevaluated for malicious activity by utilizing google safebrowsing.

Sites which did not have any malicious software  downloaded and installed without user consent,  or suspicious content within the last 90 days were removed from the list.

In addition, sites which were listed as harmful but had no malicious software downloaded or suspicious content found in the past 90 days were removed as well.
To our surprise, there were 1132 domains which did not  meet the above criteria and were not removed.

1132 domains which  are still actively involved with maliciousness and badness.
1132 domains which were were associated with malware and badness in 2009 (eight months ago) and are STILL actively involved in malware distribution.

These “Hall of Shame” domains are listed in


Analysis  of the hosting and registrars of these “immortal” or “Methuselah” malware domains should prove interesting.

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