New Mirror: mirror2.malwaredomains.com

Posted on September 22nd, 2011 in Domain News by dglosser

The fine folks at it-mate.co.uk have set up a new mirror for us.


Please test. Also, please remember to use the datestamp or timestamp files to check  if there’s a new file BEFORE downloading any other files.

Here is a shell script someone has written to do just that: update-blackhole.sh. Please test it, improve upon it, etc.

We are also discussing internally options like bittorrent, jigdo, serving info via DNS, serving only the updates,  compressing the files via gzip or bz2, etc.

We are truly appreciative and humbled by the support we’ve received. (Except for the one site which was using our files as part of a “speed test” – no thanks for you) …