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Posted on May 27th, 2011 in exploit,iframes,New Domains,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

Lots of Rogue, Zeus and other malicious domains. Sources include hosts-file.net, www.tristatelogic.com, zeustracker.abuse.ch (Every source is  listed in the domains.txt file):

adobejam .in antiviruzscannerabortion .com
antivirusscano .com antiviruzscannergroup .com
antivirusscanopor .com antiviruzscanneronline .com
antivirusseeo .com antiviruzscannerxpgroup .com
antiviruzabortion .com antiviruzscannerxpmuslim .com
antiviruzmuslim .com antiviruzscannerxponline .com
antiviruzreader .com antivoltfreevirusscan .com
antiviruzscanner .com antivoltgamesfreevirusscan .com
asweds .com antivplayfreevirusscan .com
bawaltaxi .com cheapscannerxpprotection .com
bervert .osa .pl diagnosticscannerprotectionfast .com
bitschoonerop .com diagnosticscannerprotectionfree .com
bookavio .com diagnosticscannerprotectionxp .com
booknunu .com diagnosticscannerwinprotection .com
booksolo .com diagnosticscannerxpprotection .com
booktuba .com digitalscannerantiv .com
bookvila .com digitalscannerprotectionfast .com
clashjamwallop .in digitalscannerprotectionfree .com
disk-image .info digitalscannerprotectionwin .com
dnhrtnw .co .cc digitalscannerprotectionxp .com
dorbellpregnant .com digitalscannerwinprotection .com
fanarm .net digitalscannerxpprotection .com
finditnow .osa .pl flashplayer-10-download .com
flash2011business .net flashplayer10download .com
flashbiz10news .com football-tv-live-online .com
flashbiz1news .com freewinboundaryscanantivir .com
flashbiz2news .com freewinlaserscanantivir .com
flashbiz3news .com freewinliverscanantivir .com
flashbiz4news .com freewinlungscanantivir .com
flashbiz5news .com freewinquickscanantivir .com
flashbiz6news .com full-antivirus-protection .com
flashbiz7news .com full-antivirus-solution .com
flashbiz8news .com full-antivirussolution .com
flashbiz9news .com full-tvdownloading .com
foodstampdirect .org game-2010-downloads .com
free-movienow .com getlivefootball-tv .com
freedownloadzone .com getpregnant-solution .com
freedownloadzone .ph imagescannerwinprotection .com
freemovie-now .com imagescannerxpprotection .com
frhjkykerfwfff .com photoscannerprotectionxp .com
fsjdhfgqhujjj .com photoscannerwinprotection .com
fteqimop .cn photoscannerxpprotection .com
ftpclient-new .com save-mastermme .byinter .net
full-tvdownloads .com transaction-idabt .com
fvuligir .cn transaction-idace .com
game-mediacenter .com transaction-idacn .com
getall-togo .com transaction-idaec .com
gjuryj7krwrfdd .com transaction-idant .com
gkjagfdagcyqq .com transaction-idanx .com
godfatheredition .com transaction-idasp .com
h1n1-guide .com transaction-idavr .com
h1n1lab .org transaction-idbkd .com
h1n1membersarea .com transaction-idblg .com
handball-channel .com transaction-idbur .com
hardbuck .de transaction-idcar .com
injectionhax .co .cc transaction-idcdm .com
ipanelonline .com transaction-idcdt .com
kxx .cz .cc transaction-iddar .com
lhc .vg transaction-iddat .com
linkmoduledso .com transaction-iddet .com
mxdblog .info transaction-iddie .com
namewhois .ru transaction-iddog .com
palitraengine .co .cc transaction-iddtv .com
powervorsoft .co .cc transaction-iddvd .com
smartvf-soft .co .cc transaction-idear .com
smartyauscanner .co .cc transaction-ideba .com
statsl .com transaction-idecl .com
tagellner .com transaction-ideoj .com
transaction-idaab .com transaction-idepa .com
transaction-idab .com transaction-idfed .com
transaction-idac .com transaction-idfit .com
transaction-idas .com transaction-idfla .com
transaction-idat .com transaction-idfor .com
transaction-idav .com transaction-idfre .com
transaction-idax .com transaction-idfrx .com
transaction-idbl .com transaction-idfwl .com
transaction-idbu .com transaction-idgam .com
transaction-idca .com transaction-idger .com
transaction-idcd .com transaction-idgms .com
transaction-idct .com transaction-idgol .com
transaction-iddc .com transaction-idgos .com
transaction-iddi .com transaction-idgtr .com
transaction-iddo .com transaction-idhwr .com
transaction-iddr .com transaction-idhyp .com
transaction-iddt .com transaction-idhys .com
transaction-iddv .com transaction-idipd .com
transaction-idec .com transaction-idkey .com
transaction-idef .com transaction-idkwd .com
transaction-ideg .com transaction-idmed .com
transaction-idej .com transaction-idmob .com
transaction-idfd .com transaction-idmov .com
transaction-idfr .com transaction-idmus .com
transaction-idfw .com transaction-idnch .com
transaction-idgf .com transaction-idnic .com
transaction-idgg .com transaction-idoof .com
transaction-idgl .com transaction-idpdo .com
transaction-idgm .com transaction-idpen .com
transaction-idgs .com transaction-idpet .com
transaction-idh1 .com transaction-idpft .com
transaction-idhw .com transaction-idpia .com
transaction-idhy .com transaction-idppc .com
transaction-idip .com transaction-idppl .com
transaction-idkw .com transaction-idprt .com
transaction-idmm .com transaction-idpss .com
transaction-idmp .com transaction-idpsx .com
transaction-idms .com transaction-idrec .com
transaction-idmu .com transaction-idreg .com
transaction-idnc .com transaction-idren .com
transaction-idpa .com transaction-idres .com
transaction-idpd .com transaction-idrpe .com
transaction-idpe .com transaction-idsea .com
transaction-idpf .com transaction-idsee .com
transaction-idpl .com transaction-idseo .com
transaction-idpo .com transaction-idsky .com
transaction-idra .com transaction-idsmu .com
transaction-idre .com transaction-idsof .com
transaction-idrg .com transaction-idsol .com
transaction-idrp .com transaction-idspa .com
transaction-idsa .com transaction-idspo .com
transaction-idsc .com transaction-idsst .com
transaction-idsl .com transaction-idstr .com
transaction-idsp .com transaction-idtao .com
transaction-idss .com transaction-idtat .com
transaction-idst .com transaction-idtvt .com
transaction-idta .com transaction-idtwi .com
transaction-idtv .com transaction-idvid .com
transaction-idtw .com transaction-idvir .com
transaction-idvi .com transaction-idwdo .com
transaction-idvp .com transaction-idwhs .com
transaction-idws .com transaction-idwsa .com
transaction-idyi .com transaction-idyin .com
unovt2 .com transaction-idzpl .com
uppperjp .info transaction-online .ru
vcvsta .com transactionid-aio .com
ynwtuu98dr .info transactionid-mov .com
youdontfkjbaher .ru

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