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Posted on April 20th, 2011 in exploit,New Domains,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

Domains associated with rogue/fake av, zeus, brandjackers were added. Sources include amada.abuse.ch, safebrowsing.google.com, securehomenetworks.blogspot.com (Every source is  listed in the domains.txt file):

21vokglb .cn 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-55-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 .info
81hja01aala .com businessyahoo .info
altacomputer .info cheapscannerprotectionxp .com
ancamera .com diagnosticscannerprotectionwin .com
antivirvip .com facebook-myspace .cz .cc
apafamaxuhle .org facebook-support .cz .cc
artgoogle .info freeantivirus .3dn .ru
autovaccine .co .kr hjoswzcjp1080tx .com
batqr019k-a .com hnvcflstx1292bdj .com
blogjoker .info hnvcflstx1292bdj .net
bookgoog .info hpvvxzgll1326ubg .com
bybyvysugot .com hqyfilssa1343hnt .com
casinolove .info hqyfilssa1343hnt .net
ccgslb .net ikqzaaghpx1394fl .com
clck .ru ikqzaaghpx1394fl .net
cleancop .co .kr injoy-softscan .net
cubyzawawezy .com just-free-soft14 .com
culuguwydiwy .com just-free-soft15 .net
dieuduongviet .net just-scanprotection .net
divxfreecodec .com justscansoft30 .com
esthisisel .gr justscansoft31 .net
free-porn .cz .cc laststuff-master .net
ghdsah34 .cz .cc laststuffholder .net
googdigital .info lastyour-guard .com
googgames .info mainsoftscanner45 .com
googglle .org mainsoftscanner46 .net
googleyou .info modern-protectav .net
googwin .info monoprotection .com
goptres .co .cc most-popularav .net
ha81naoo0o0 .com my-firstavprotect .com
hop-sing-rot .com my-firstavprotection .net
hop-sing-rot .net my-free-protection26 .com
hop-singrot .com my-free-protection27 .net
hop-singrot .net netrclernaxsecure .com
hope-soft50 .com netstableprotect .com
hope-soft51 .net netwoking-guard-solutions .net
ieshopguide .net network-antivirusprotection .net
incmaters .cz .cc network-diffenderav .net
jg7ifkjh .cz .cc quickscanantivfree .com
jucebuqag .com quickscanantivwin .com
justopensoft .net scan-er-antivn-oew .com
kozugyziqyze .com scanagainantivir .com
kumebyduwuvoc .com scanagainantivirusclient .com
lasthopesoft .net scanagainantivirusprotection .com
lastpc-master .com scanagainantivirusreviews .com
lastpc-master .net scanagainantivirusscan .com
lastpcguard .com scanagainantivirustools .com
lastpcguard .net scanagainantivirusupdates .com
lbje003e .cz .cc scanagainantivirusvirus .com
lololoka .cz .cc scanangryagainantivir .com
mguardlab .net scanangryagainantivirus .com
modes-torm .net scanantbiteivfree .com
modwyn .cz .cc scanantfarmivfree .com
netguardav .net scanantivwcarsin .com
netownsecure .com scanantivwdealerin .com
netrosmsecure .com scanantivwdriversin .com
nettussecure .com scanborsanerantv .com
netupitsecure .com scandanceagainantivir .com
onmuz .com scanguardianerantv .com
oyaeby .cz .cc scanonline-computer .net
paysys .co .kr scanprotectionexpertssoft .com
pepabahaturap .com scanprotectionfiltersoft .com
puldorpond .com scanprotectionkansassoft .com
pulse23 .cz .cc scanprotectiontoolssoft .com
qi56 .co .cc secureonlineweb .su
qodikowyfiv .com top-yourchecker .com
qqhe .com top-yourholder .net
realvaccine .co .kr topcleansentinel .net
relaax .co .cc topdrive-guard .com
rouyangw .com topdrive-master .net
scanantivfree .com topfile-holder .com
sexgoogle .info topfile-keeper .net
sexok .net topinternet-checker .com
supervaccin .com topnetwork-foryou .com
tempviews .cz .cc unificacaodoreal .com .br
topantivir4u .com veqilakazujago .com
topfile-guard .net webwinantivirusxp .com
topfileguard .com winantiagencyxp .com
trx .cz .cc winantivirusnowgophers .com
vaccinecore .com winantivirusnowkovalchuk .com
webtoonroom .com winantivirusnowonline .com
widpia .net winantivirusxponline .com
xeguwywas .com winantivirusxptournament .com
zuxejokyhosu .com zippfree .webng .com

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