Fake AV, Malspam, gozi, harmful domains

Posted on April 18th, 2011 in malspam,New Domains by dglosser

Over 200 fake antivirus, rfi, malspam, gozi, harmful domains. Sources include amada.abuse.ch, ddanchev.blogspot.com, safebrowsing.google.com (Every source is  listed in the domains.txt file)

back88008800 .com 2bemojewedowigo .com
bemolaqijicy .com besttools-of-security .com
bestwhe .com bestyour-holder .com
bestyourguard .net bestyourchecker .net
bestzdv .com bhprotection-foryou .com
big-defender .com biprotection-foryou .com
blessbeldsafe .com cilt442vyabkqqv .com
blessbledsafe .com cilt442vyabkqqv .net
blesscalsafe .com circleprotectionav .net
blsoftprotect .com circlesoft-protection .net
celisesuho .com coprotection-foryou .com
chsoftprotect .com coselfprotection .com
ciqw364efmnnsb .com crselfprotection .com
cixovatywo .com defense-between-pc4u .com
clearang .com defenseailiewpc .com
clearbly .com defenseartritepc .net
clearbrid .com defensechecker-guard .net
clearbtal .com defensedarlicpc .com
clearcle .com defensedentogepc .net
cleardts .com defenseeaddletpc .com
cleareark .com defenseectingepc .net
clearecit .com defenseguard-inetcheck .com
cleareond .com defenseosindisepc .com
clearfis .com defenserainnepc .net
clearhum .com defenseseatedpc .com
cleariot .com defenseslinguanpc .net
clearjelp .com defensesquarmicpc .com
clearmant .com defensesylottpc .net
clearpjs .com powerwerxmotorcorp .com
clearrus .com profitsantivirus .com
clearscom .com progressivescanantivfree .com
clearslia .com protect-win-scanner .com
cleartsk .com protection-ant-iv .com
clearvow .com protectionantfarmiv .com
clearzdv .com protectionantiv .com
clearzids .com protectioninstantwinscanner .com
clru493bgpyzzf .com protectionwinscan .com
coprotect-pc .com protectionwinscanner .com
cs2meandcr .com protectionwinscanneralbum .com
detectiveah .com protectionwinscannerdefinition .com
detectiveally .com protectionwinscannerdriver .com
detectiveash .com protectionxpprofits .com
detectiveaw .com protectprofitscan .com
detectivebous .com protectwinscanner .com
downloadmyprog .biz protectwinscannerdefinition .com
figaroo .ru protectwinscannerfeatures .com
fytypoqywu .com protectwinscannerglass .com
gicyxepomer .com protectwinscannerhardware .com
gopilezavyxiro .com protectwinscannermaintenance .com
hivanedak .com protectwinscannermanufacturer .com
hotilosire .com protectwinscannermanufacturers .com
jerakidukojoz .com protectwinscannermaster .com
kantum .net protectwinscannermodels .com
krabdream .info protectwinscannerprofile .com
kupeqobujohaq .com protectwinstournament .com
kytevaviqopoci .com purityanddivinityspa .com
multimaqen .com ratingswatchdiscussions .com
pikilokykizanu .com smartdrive-checker .com
planete-lolo .com smartdrive-master .net
popupguard .net smartfile-guard .com
popupguard1 .com smartfilekeeper .com
popupguard1 .net smartfilemaster .com
popupguard10 .net smartguardin-foryou .com
popupguard2 .com smartsecurityforu .net
popupguard2 .net smartsecurityguard .com
popupguard3 .com smartstuff-guard .net
popupguard3 .net smartstuffguard .net
popupguard4 .com smartstuffmaster .com
popupguard4 .net smartyour-holder .net
popupguard5 .com smartyourchecker .net
popupguard5 .net soft-checkerarea .com
popupguard6 .com soft-lab-protection .net
popupguard6 .net soft-webcheckerme .com
popupguard7 .com soft-webcheckerne .com
popupguard7 .net soft-webcheckerpi .com
popupguard8 .com soft-webcheckerry .com
popupguard8 .net soft-webcheckerst .com
popupguard9 .com softgroupprotection .com
popupguard9 .net softsolutionupdate .com
punajytapaci .com softtrue-avsoft .com
qisacugugu .com strongguardin-master .net
quantistart .com strongonlyholder .net
qupajubica .com strongonlyscanner .net
reruravobosila .com strongpowerchecker .com
rorodarof .com systemguardavsoft .com
ruqydahec .com systemtest-soft .net
sakafiduzipame .com test-systemscan .net
smartpcchecker .com test-systemsoft .net
smartpcmaster .com thebest-guardinsentinel .com
smartpcmaster .net thebest-internet-checker .com
smartsuitearmy .com thebest-internetforyou .com
sof-monsterav .com thebest-power4u .net
soft-base20 .com thebest-powerforyou .net
soft-base21 .com thebest-securityforyou .com
soft-base22 .net thebest-securityholder .net
soft-base23 .net thebestguardinchecker .net
soft-base24 .com thebestinternet-foru .com
softech-secure .com thebestonlyholder .com
softgroupsoft .com thebestscan-scanner .com
starpupmax .com topsecurity-4u .com
strongawn .com topstuff-guard .net
strongcip .com topstuffchecker .net
strongdan .com topstuffmaster .net
sydric .com topsuite-holder .com
sykobodyducib .com topsuite-sentinel .net
testsoftav1 .com topyour-keeper .net
testsoftav2 .net topyour-master .net
testsoftav3 .com topyourchecker .com
testsoftav4 .net total-difence10 .com
tetagyjaj .com total-difence11 .net
tibehewuk .com total-difence12 .com
tisatosyhimidy .com total-difence13 .net
topyour-guard .net total-difence14 .com
tyhiqymiwufuj .com total-difence15 .net
vakyditefo .com total-difence16 .com
wamojafadezy .com total-difence17 .net
wetotyger .com total-difence18 .com
wixecyhobovy .com total-difence19 .net
wolycunanoqe .com universalmigrat .com
yimg .co .in vmware-antispyware .co .cc
zajatimibuj .com vpn-antispyware .co .cc
zequcitamado .com webwasher-antispyware .co .cc

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