Apr 12 Update: Rouges, moneymules, harmful domains

Posted on April 13th, 2011 in MoneyMule,New Domains,rogue antivirus by dglosser

Domains associated with fake anvirus, moneymule and other badness added. Sources include sacour.cn, urlquery.net, amada.abuse.ch & securehomenetworks.blogspot.com (Every source is   listed in the domains.txt file):

28bxg .com bringtheguard1 .com
3425 .in bringtheguard1 .net
5356 .in bringtheguard2 .com
7skyjo .info bringtheguard2 .net
adobedload .com buy-the-guardian .com
agedn .com buy-the-guardian .net
bringtheguard .com caselfprotection .com
bringtheguard .net check-inet-guarddefense .com
cc286 .com checkinet-guarddefense .net
checksoftrs .com checkinetguard-defense .com
checksoftse .com dlrtt646bimpvzf .net
checksoftsi .com drawmade-group .com
checksoftte .com drawmade-group .net
cjws .co .cc duprotection-foryou .com
delt-group .com duselfprotection .com
delt-group .net eioxzi748qrudho .com
doprotect-pc .com faprotection-foryou .com
dorihuginn .cz .cc fast-softgprotection .net
duprotect-pc .com firstsecurityguard .com
eleelezz .com firstsuite-guard .net
eleelezz .net free-pc-protection1 .com
eleelezz1 .com free-pc-protection2 .net
eleelezz1 .net free-pc-protection3 .com
eleelezz2 .com free-pc-protection4 .net
eleelezz2 .net free-pc-protection5 .com
eleelezz3 .com free-pc-protection6 .net
eleelezz3 .net freeonlinescaner .net
eleelezz4 .com full-guardandcureon .com
eleelezz5 .com full-guardandcureon .net
eleelezz5 .net fullcheckguardian20 .com
exaguard .com fullcheckguardian21 .net
fan-kitdropin .com fullcheckguardian22 .com
fan-kitdropin .net fullcheckguardian23 .net
fankitdropin .com fullcheckguardian24 .com
fankitdropin .net fullcheckguardian25 .net
fast-scanpc .net fullcheckguardian26 .com
for1-secguard .net fullcheckguardian27 .com
freexxpote .co .cc fullcheckguardian28 .com
fuldguard .com fullcheckguardian29 .com
geprotect-pc .com fullguard-andcureon .com
govtds21 .co .cc fullguard-andcureon .net
guard-wall40 .com fullguardand-cureon .com
guard-wall41 .net fullguardandcure-on .com
guard-wall42 .com fullscananddiffence .com
guard-wall43 .net g-softproteion .com
guard-wall44 .com gaselfprotection .com
guard-wall45 .net get-full-link20 .com
highlvlguard2 .net get-full-link21 .net
highlvlguard3 .com get-full-link22 .com
highlvlguard3 .net get-full-link23 .net
netmoabjtgt .co .cc get-full-link24 .com
netmokkeqpx .co .cc get-full-soft10 .com
netnbmknlxb .co .cc get-full-soft11 .net
netncitdpbg .co .cc get-full-soft12 .com
netneagthoo .co .cc get-full-soft13 .net
netnhuvfhva .co .cc greatstafinsecurity .net
netnixoxxbe .co .cc guard-checherdefense .com
netnjhtiruu .co .cc guard-defense-checker .net
netnjiorldk .co .cc highsecurity-level10 .com
netnlebzzyv .co .cc highsecurity-level11 .net
netnmesfnwb .co .cc highsecurity-level12 .com
netnmxptdph .co .cc highsecurity-level13 .net
netnnxrkqcr .co .cc highsecurity-level14 .com
netnnznrvhr .co .cc highsecurity-level15 .net
netnrygsxwt .co .cc highsecurity-level8 .com
netnryktltf .co .cc highsecurity-level9 .net
netntuwpwme .co .cc netmovie-l9g5 .co .cc
netntzyusdd .co .cc netmovie-nerx .co .cc
netnwyistop .co .cc netmovie-q9k9 .co .cc
netnwzseome .co .cc netmovie-ruwu .co .cc
netnyutpbrt .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-1294 .co .cc
netnzmutdtu .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-331 .co .cc
netnzqhjcss .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-3670 .co .cc
netoalkdhho .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-3775 .co .cc
netocuqrqje .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-4831 .co .cc
netofnudnot .co .cc netmovies-live-tube-5063 .co .cc
netohmkubof .co .cc netwbemvxoh .co .cc
netolklmwzd .co .cc netwerwqjxu .co .cc
netomgnvtsc .co .cc netweyxtotw .co .cc
netopthnjbz .co .cc netwhawuyok .co .cc
netosowbkvn .co .cc netwkdwewye .co .cc
netouxkojlm .co .cc netwlrdlsct .co .cc
netovbkuiwk .co .cc netwoqgxhdp .co .cc
netovfamzjk .co .cc netwsmhhlkx .co .cc
netovkzebnh .co .cc netwxzhcjwn .co .cc
netowjlhtvt .co .cc netwyezcsdn .co .cc
netoxcbolzx .co .cc netwyrwcgsi .co .cc
netoyqpyhue .co .cc netxfruefzd .co .cc
netozbvdlnt .co .cc netxlbmghih .co .cc
netozzplskg .co .cc netxlnmidpi .co .cc
netpcdznjgg .co .cc netxnyfwfgw .co .cc
netpcowfnce .co .cc netxpsuzihb .co .cc
netpewmjhxk .co .cc netxrwqucmf .co .cc
neturpmqccz .co .cc netxvalqfyr .co .cc
netutihspmo .co .cc netxvoliruc .co .cc
netuwsylgfc .co .cc netxwmckfph .co .cc
netuxsulnwp .co .cc netxwtqcxss .co .cc
netvakdmfuw .co .cc netxxfxkdcs .co .cc
netvanupqmi .co .cc netxywlbbwe .co .cc
netvdtxmcqs .co .cc netyekrclxu .co .cc
netvdyhstiq .co .cc netyglcztxi .co .cc
netvebnffpv .co .cc netygvejqva .co .cc
netvhpmlaoa .co .cc netyhcmcbdq .co .cc
netvlsqfxog .co .cc netyjbafkmk .co .cc
netvskbzhnk .co .cc netylrxgkvu .co .cc
netvxryllkf .co .cc netyncdxffr .co .cc
netvycdmonz .co .cc protectwinscannerguide .com
netvytmlfyc .co .cc scaner-freeprog .cz .cc
netvzzcsvsm .co .cc tanxiaodong .gicp .net
netwazmtsyd .co .cc tazprogltd-us .com
nrgy-co .net tazprogltd-usa .net
nrgy-groupllc .cc urutan-antispyware .co .cc
oghmazel .cz .cc web-soft2011pc .eu
romtyreteam .ro

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