Huge Update: Over 450 domains

Posted on April 7th, 2011 in New Domains,rogue antivirus,sql injection,zeus by dglosser

One of the biggest updates ever – over 450 domains associated with some 0-day exploits, fakeav,lizamoon, and other badness you don’t want visiting your company’s desktops or laptops (or your own for that matter).

Sources: amada.abuse.ch blocklist, safebrowsing.google.com, securehomenetworks.blogspot.com and others (Every source is   listed in the domains.txt file)

1guardfor-sec .net netmovie-tube-efli .co .cc
31ad .com netmovie-tube-eucg .co .cc
77169 .com .cn netmovie-tube-euie .co .cc
addsoft-check .com netmovie-tube-gmfl .co .cc
addsoft-checker .net netmovie-tube-habj .co .cc
addsoftcheck .net netmovie-tube-hetu .co .cc
all-foryoursafety .com netmovie-tube-iari .co .cc
all-foryoursafety .net netmovie-tube-iega .co .cc
allfor-yoursafety .com netmovie-tube-ieia .co .cc
allfor-yoursafety .net netmovie-tube-igoi .co .cc
allforyour-safety .com netmovie-tube-ijoq .co .cc
allforyour-safety .net netmovie-tube-iroy .co .cc
allforyoursafety .com netmovie-tube-juie .co .cc
allforyoursafety .net netmovie-tube-jyey .co .cc
allgustrue .com netmovie-tube-kliy .co .cc
alsoftprotect .com netmovie-tube-lryz .co .cc
alternative-softav .net netmovie-tube-lywo .co .cc
antiattack1 .net netmovie-tube-oaxe .co .cc
antiattack2 .net netmovie-tube-osaz .co .cc
antiattack3 .net netmovie-tube-pode .co .cc
antiattack4 .net netmovie-tube-pzix .co .cc
antiattack5 .net netmovie-tube-riyo .co .cc
antiattack6 .net netmovie-tube-teoe .co .cc
antivirazooth .com netmovie-tube-tiny .co .cc
antivirdjecity .com netmovie-tube-ubjm .co .cc
av-solurion-soft .com netmovie-tube-uhlu .co .cc
avcircleprotect .com netmovie-tube-upua .co .cc
avgroup-soft .net netmovie-tube-urip .co .cc
avsoft-guard-all .com netmovie-tube-usay .co .cc
avsoftafrion .net netmovie-tube-uzje .co .cc
bandawww .ru netmovie-tube-viry .co .cc
bandidora .cz .cc netmovie-tube-vohe .co .cc
clr .cn netmovie-tube-vsae .co .cc
collectiontiny .ru netmovie-tube-wauy .co .cc
commovie-asiwa .in netmovie-tube-wnkw .co .cc
commovie-bjnl .in netmovie-tube-ydui .co .cc
commovie-bnis .in netmovie-tube-yhyi .co .cc
commovie-brvr .co .cc netmovie-tube-ywek .co .cc
commovie-buns .in netmovie-tube-ywli .co .cc
commovie-c5n9 .co .cc netmovie-tube-yywd .co .cc
commovie-c9vv .co .cc netmovie-tube-zjfm .co .cc
commovie-cewj .in netmovie-tube-zkni .co .cc
commovie-cfab .in netmovie-tube-zxoh .co .cc
commovie-cvrr .co .cc netmovie-werp .co .cc
commovie-d5d9 .co .cc niredvw .kwik .to
commovie-d5j9 .co .cc nocyrvw .kwik .to
commovie-d5tu .co .cc nuadazan .cz .cc
commovie-doep .in smakteyl .ru
commovie-dwre .in tiny-collection .ru
commovie-eawi .in trust-in-goodsoft .com
commovie-ehke .in trust-in-goodsoft .net
commovie-estv .in trust-ingoodsoft .com
commovie-eulp .in trust-ingoodsoft .net
commovie-fvux .in trusted-zone20 .com
commovie-g5br .co .cc trusted-zone21 .net
commovie-gfrn .in trusted-zone22 .com
commovie-gnqh .in trusted-zone23 .net
commovie-h9zv .co .cc trusted-zone24 .com
commovie-hbed .in trusted-zone25 .net
commovie-hbfk .in trusted-zone26 .com
commovie-hure .co .cc trusted-zone27 .net
commovie-igib .in trusted-zone28 .com
commovie-invp .in trusted-zone29 .net
commovie-iodp .in trustedguadianzone .com
commovie-jnmk .in trustedproducttr .com
commovie-jqio .in trustedproductua .com
commovie-k9le .co .cc trustedproductus .com
commovie-kqhe .in trustin-goodsoft .com
commovie-ksvs .in trustin-goodsoft .net
commovie-ktll .in trustingoo-dsoft .com
commovie-kura .in trustingoo-dsoft .net
commovie-lerd .co .cc trustingoodsoft .com
commovie-lstg .in trustingoodsoft .net
commovie-lvou .in ubershields .com
commovie-lvxs .in ubershields .net
commovie-m9br .co .cc ubershields1 .com
commovie-m9gv .co .cc ubershields1 .net
commovie-mcnf .in ubershields10 .com
commovie-miow .in ubershields10 .net
commovie-mvrz .co .cc ubershields11 .com
commovie-mykv .co .cc ubershields11 .net
commovie-nern .co .cc ubershields12 .com
commovie-ngrg .in ubershields12 .net
commovie-nmpd .in ubershields13 .com
commovie-nvrk .in ubershields13 .net
commovie-nxiv .in ubershields14 .com
commovie-obhs .in ubershields14 .net
commovie-plnd .in ubershields15 .com
commovie-qhxg .in ubershields15 .net
commovie-qvima .in ubershields2 .com
commovie-qvrd .co .cc ubershields2 .net
commovie-rnlk .in ubershields3 .com
commovie-svrb .co .cc ubershields3 .net
commovie-swvl .in ubershields4 .com
commovie-t5l9 .co .cc ubershields4 .net
commovie-tggd .in ubershields5 .com
commovie-uhps .in ubershields5 .net
commovie-urpc .in ubershields6 .com
commovie-verh .co .cc ubershields6 .net
commovie-verl .co .cc ubershields7 .com
commovie-vhol .in ubershields7 .net
commovie-vosr .in ubershields8 .com
commovie-vpxd .in ubershields8 .net
commovie-vtpp .in ubershields9 .com
commovie-vxkt .in ubershields9 .net
commovie-w5dy .co .cc ultraaby .com
commovie-wiro .in ultraayem .com
commovie-wnqd .in ultrabtud .com
commovie-wxpf .in ultracpso .com
commovie-wyke .co .cc ultradts .com
commovie-x5dy .co .cc ultraeice .com
commovie-xdjb .in ultraeple .com
commovie-z5qy .co .cc umetior .com
commovieway2011 .com unseer .com
comodofw .co .cc upgradesoft-av .net
dirtjamp .ru upgreatprotecion .net
granirana .cz .cc uwybzuwe .co .cc
htnbqitr .co .cc viblager .com
mincesur .com vip-protection10 .com
movie-brvr .co .cc vip-protection11 .net
movie-c5n9 .co .cc vip-protection12 .com
movie-c9vv .co .cc vip-protection13 .net
movie-cvrr .co .cc vip-protection14 .com
movie-d5d9 .co .cc vip-protection15 .net
movie-d5j9 .co .cc vip-protection16 .com
movie-d5tu .co .cc vip-protection17 .net
movie-g5br .co .cc vip-protection18 .com
movie-h9zv .co .cc virus-detector5 .com
movie-hure .co .cc virus-detector6 .com
movie-k9le .co .cc virus-detector7 .com
movie-lerd .co .cc virus-detector8 .com
movie-m9br .co .cc web-guardian-readynow .com
movie-m9gv .co .cc web-guardian-readynow .net
movie-mvrz .co .cc web-guardianreadynow .com
movie-mykv .co .cc web-guardianreadynow .net
movie-nern .co .cc webguardian-readynow .com
movie-qvrd .co .cc webguardian-readynow .net
movie-svrb .co .cc webguardianready-now .com
movie-t5l9 .co .cc webguardianready-now .net
movie-verh .co .cc webguardianreadynow .com
movie-verl .co .cc webguardianreadynow .net
movie-w5dy .co .cc wekby .com
movie-wyke .co .cc winadefender .com
movie-x5dy .co .cc winadefender .net
movie-z5qy .co .cc winbdefender .biz
netaadkznyw .co .cc winbdefender .com
netaarrxoop .co .cc winbdefender .net
netahtqsgme .co .cc wincdefender .biz
netantivirus-1091 .co .cc wincdefender .com
netantivirus-1186 .co .cc wincdefender .net
netantivirus-1382 .co .cc winddefender .biz
netantivirus-1427 .co .cc winddefender .net
netantivirus-1574 .co .cc winedefender .biz
netantivirus-2051 .co .cc winedefender .net
netantivirus-2932 .co .cc winfdefender .biz
netantivirus-2938 .co .cc winfdefender .com
netantivirus-3029 .co .cc winfdefender .net
netantivirus-3068 .co .cc wingdefender .biz
netantivirus-33 .co .cc wingdefender .com
netantivirus-3564 .co .cc wingdefender .net
netantivirus-3654 .co .cc winhdefender .biz
netantivirus-3833 .co .cc winhdefender .com
netantivirus-3879 .co .cc winhdefender .net
netantivirus-4063 .co .cc winidefender .biz
netantivirus-418 .co .cc winidefender .com
netantivirus-4303 .co .cc winidefender .net
netantivirus-4749 .co .cc winjdefender .biz
netantivirus-5216 .co .cc winjdefender .com
netantivirus-5340 .co .cc winjdefender .net
netantivirus-5676 .co .cc winkdefender .biz
netantivirus-6169 .co .cc winkdefender .com
netantivirus-6437 .co .cc winkdefender .net
netantivirus-6703 .co .cc winldefender .biz
netantivirus-7081 .co .cc winldefender .com
netantivirus-713 .co .cc winldefender .net
netantivirus-7237 .co .cc winmdefender .biz
netantivirus-728 .co .cc winmdefender .com
netantivirus-7357 .co .cc winmdefender .net
netantivirus-8072 .co .cc winndefender .biz
netantivirus-8577 .co .cc winndefender .com
netantivirus-9009 .co .cc winndefender .net
netantivirus-92 .co .cc winodefender .biz
netantivirus-9465 .co .cc winodefender .com
netantivirus-9638 .co .cc winodefender .net
netantivirus-9926 .co .cc winpdefender .biz
netantivirus-9961 .co .cc winpdefender .com
netdefender-ajem .co .cc winpdefender .net
netdefender-bwuy .co .cc winrdefender .biz
netdefender-cfos .co .cc winrdefender .com
netdefender-dtyh .co .cc winrdefender .net
netdefender-dyxa .co .cc winsdefender .biz
netdefender-eahy .co .cc winsdefender .com
netdefender-edaa .co .cc winsdefender .net
netdefender-ewum .co .cc wintdefender .biz
netdefender-eyde .co .cc wintdefender .com
netdefender-fola .co .cc wintdefender .net
netdefender-iibk .co .cc winudefender .biz
netdefender-iies .co .cc winudefender .com
netdefender-iieu .co .cc winudefender .net
netdefender-isde .co .cc winvdefender .biz
netdefender-iyrc .co .cc winvdefender .com
netdefender-jihv .co .cc winvdefender .net
netdefender-kzwu .co .cc winwdefender .biz
netdefender-lphk .co .cc winwdefender .com
netdefender-nuqp .co .cc wistery .com
netdefender-oeki .co .cc wsantivirus-6975 .co .cc
netdefender-oeoe .co .cc wsaqfwbngy .co .cc
netdefender-ofkq .co .cc wsaqwavnwv .co .cc
netdefender-qbiy .co .cc wsaspducpi .co .cc
netdefender-qsko .co .cc xciterf .com
netdefender-syio .co .cc xlinque .com
netdefender-ueuv .co .cc xsoftprotection .com
netdefender-wtln .co .cc xzrw1q .com
netdefender-yrot .co .cc your-full-protection .com
netdefender-yugs .co .cc your-full-protection1 .net
netdefender-zaep .co .cc your-full-protection2 .net
netdefender-zcez .co .cc your-full-protection3 .net
netdefender-zpiv .co .cc your-secure-shelter .net
netmovie-tube-acin .co .cc yourfullprotectionav .net
netmovie-tube-ahaa .co .cc yournetworkprotection .com
netmovie-tube-aias .co .cc zone-protectionre .com
netmovie-tube-aoyr .co .cc zone-protectionri .com
netmovie-tube-aqis .co .cc zone-protectionti .com
netmovie-tube-beym .co .cc zone-protectionua .com
netmovie-tube-cbnr .co .cc zone-protectionue .com
netmovie-tube-csua .co .cc zoneofguardians .com
netmovie-tube-datm .co .cc zonfing .com
netmovie-tube-efkq .co .cc zprw6q .com

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