Lots of rogue and lizamoon domains

Posted on April 2nd, 2011 in New Domains,rogue antivirus,sql injection by dglosser

163 domains, mainly associated with sql injection, lizamoon, and rogue antivirus.   Most have been nuked but one can never me too  careful (think about how many times gumblar has come back from the dead). Sources include ddanchev.blogspot.com, www.malwaregroup.com, community.websense.com/blogs   (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

4dtb .co .cc antiagencyxpsoft .com
aaphonecard .com antivirus-1091 .co .cc
abcartel .com antivirus-1574 .co .cc
adamplus .com antivirus-2051 .co .cc
alexblane .com antivirus-3833 .co .cc
defender-bcvs .in antivirus-4063 .co .cc
defender-cron .in antivirus-418 .co .cc
defender-ddbr .in antivirus-4303 .co .cc
defender-drnr .in antivirus-4749 .co .cc
defender-dteo .in antivirus-495 .co .cc
defender-eklq .in antivirus-5216 .co .cc
defender-endl .in antivirus-5676 .co .cc
defender-hmfu .in antivirus-5802 .co .cc
defender-hsug .in antivirus-6437 .co .cc
defender-htlu .in antivirus-6703 .co .cc
defender-iksl .in antivirus-7081 .co .cc
defender-jgnl .in defender-bwuy .co .cc
defender-keod .in defender-eahy .co .cc
defender-kuts .in defender-ewum .co .cc
defender-kwwh .in defender-iibk .co .cc
defender-labm .in defender-iies .co .cc
defender-lcoh .in defender-isde .co .cc
defender-nrpr .in defender-iyrc .co .cc
defender-ojbr .in defender-jihv .co .cc
defender-osbi .in defender-kzwu .co .cc
defender-pakc .in defender-nhei .co .cc
defender-ppdw .in defender-qsko .co .cc
defender-qfdx .in defender-ueuv .co .cc
defender-qotg .in defender-wtln .co .cc
defender-qpwo .in defender-xnnx .in
defender-qumf .in defender-ykym .co .cc
defender-rlag .in deltadataserve .in
defender-rlfp .in dwuptskekpistitc .biz
defender-rlob .in egyptantivirusxp .com
defender-rrin .in etraveldesigners .net
defender-sxin .in extra-service .info
defender-thga .in eyqikygwkwhpfwq .biz
defender-uvag .in fpsanmpcroivzqm .biz
defender-vflq .in google-stats45 .info
defender-vlmj .in invtuxxntpssqfg .net
defender-vqqn .in itisformebaby .biz
defender-vxgh .in jjqmdfushfxz .net
defender-wbui .in jsqsllxtumwmcedm .net
defender-wkiw .in ktukilwrpiowrvr .com
defender-wqga .in likecreative .info
defender-wrhw .in lvtzlwqqgsvezwu .net
defender-xcre .in mail .wscntgy .com
defender-xkox .in mistybluecottage .com .au
efirst-data .in mklkptspnuqhiqvf .biz
eva-marine .info movie-tube-beym .co .cc
exyme .com .mx movie-tube-juie .co .cc
greatfilenes .in movies-live-tube-jeyq .co .cc
instantrack .net movieway2011 .com
karmabaw .co .cc myantivirusxpsoft .com
lameedge .ru myxpscanantivirus .com
lostyear .ru newpharmacyschools .ru
miaynvxmthr .com nnqwgnrssxswu .com
milapop .com nswqkodntlomnn .com
movie-iirg .in obscriancaeadolescente .org .br
movie-pblv .in online-stats201 .info
movie-tkhk .in s6199 .wdropp .co .cc
movie-ueep .in scanantivirixp .com
movie-xbtb .in skrtuneyoevpsj .biz
movie-xxnl .in stats-master111 .info
myskimba .in stats-master88 .info
newmoviedata .in stats-master99 .info
s4lk .co .cc system-scanner-boep .co .cc
s5lk .co .cc system-scanner-eill .co .cc
sd3e .co .cc system-scanner-eopa .co .cc
sgn9 .co .cc system-scanner-ewqq .co .cc
suptubes .com system-scanner-iaap .co .cc
sxp1 .co .cc system-scanner-ieyx .co .cc
sxp2 .co .cc system-scanner-lcyo .co .cc
t6ryt56 .info system-scanner-xtoi .co .cc
tzv-stats .info system-scanner-yoyx .co .cc
ustoldleft .ru system-scanner-ytut .co .cc
vdexkkwvthr .com totalxpornhub .com
virtualmits .com wrkoylmwpptvqj .biz
vodka-file .org wrwiowsqgoorupqg .biz
wdropp .co .cc xclipshubtku .co .cc
wizardmt .com xmusnaskjuzcwrss .biz
wscntgy .com

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