Dec 24 update – zeus, Sinowal, moneymule domains

Posted on December 25th, 2010 in New Domains,rogue antivirus,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

Domains associated with Zeus, moneymules, Sinowal, exploits and more… Sources include www.malwaredomainlist.com, securehomenetworks.blogspot.com, vxvault.siri-urz.net (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

0000002 .in aaboygeagdw .com
0000003 .in aabtixiagdw .com
0000004 .in acrossuniverseitbenet .com
0000005 .in add-block-filter .info
0000006 .in aefswbjagdw .com
0000008 .in aghuvqkagdw .com
0000009 .in azkinternational .com
1111101 .in barberherrmanngmbh .com
1231231 .in bayanescortlar .co .uk
2313211 .in blowmeupbig .com
3000000 .in celebsclips .net
3ddr .co .cc cernelpanished .com
4000000 .in checkconfig .info
4561231 .in coraldavaiderm .com
5000000 .in datingwithlove .ru
8000000 .in dkfbjkbgbfowerg .com
9000000 .in ekfhbekjrbksjbg .com
abidas .info engdyjgmjdiz .com
abihmovies .com eroijor4hjo .com
afonja .info fbcfqtufgdw .com
alkoeb .info ffgioxyfgdw .com
alkonaft .info filesareaonline .in
alloxa .info first-internetmaster .net
alltraff .tk fjfhbhwerkbfger .com
antoska .info glazsystem .net
asdfasd .in gvhfreesow .com
asfirgate .net hejionarlds .com
atsasi .info here .get-2011-version-now .info
avideo .cz .cc hjnaa4wgkffq5lmsut9o9ub4 .com
babypin .net host9090 .com .br
binmop .com hosting48-videos .3utilities .com
binq .cz .cc illusiohstar .com
bombino777 .com installation-gratuite .com
bransac .com itroluikdired .com
cbzwnced .biz jghkblajgdw .com
cccp .fam .cx jscompressing .com
crimesunit .org kupimobilu .real-host .ru
cuorcuyg .co .cc madronamusic .net
datafill .in messengerfrance .com
domain291 .org movietalkzone .in
durinda .info msnpluginvideos1801 .110mb .com
firedns .net neolightsound .com
fjzakced .biz nextchapter .cz .cc
fotu .cz .cc openwdscript .com
freezdec .ru patmarclean .us
gazbyced .biz prodigy-payment-systems .com
hgds .cz .cc protect-pcsoft .com
iniiinn .in save-internet-foru .com
ininini .in seefredsafe .in
itunnes .net sirjohnfalstaff .info
kanyx .org smartinternet-foryou .net
kggf .co .cc smartsuite-4u .in
kinix .in Sullivanmyers .com
kulen .cz .cc tbcfqxutgdw .com
liy7 .co .cc tilimilitram .com
new2 .cz .cc top-scan-foru .in
nonameal .com totalpersonpa .net
organte .com trackingcounter .net
rnw .kz unagimakimoto .com
roomart .info unknownplaces .net
ruvipxxxa .ru usygemuharyle .publicvm .com
rwq2 .cz .cc vdecfnrvgdw .com
seeeresafe .in video-porn .cz .cc
smartboan .com video90-host .servepics .com
solvex .spb .ru video91-tube .servepics .com
soundpong .com videos13-host .redirectme .net
sourcorp .com videoshares .net
trimba .org w00d00pipls .net
win284 .co .cc werodtlejfcok .com
wrhjo35ih .com yakonohadersh .com

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