mebroot/torpig, fastflux, botnet sites to block

Posted on December 17th, 2010 in iframes,New Domains,Trojans by dglosser

130 malicious sites and domains  (torpig, mebroot, fastflux, botnet, etc).  Sources include secuboxlabs.fr, zeustracker.abuse.ch, wam.dasient.com (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

1004 .in aabiokyagdw .com
4go2com .net admediadelivery .co .cc
6000000 .in adobesupport .perl .sh
7cy .net ahaninuiae .publicvm .com
aeryboem .info areacodeszone .in
agrebleice .com ashampoo-15 .com
all4corp .com ashampoo-18 .com
aryahoo .info ashampoo-19 .com
atlantisc .net aztecinternational .com .au
avygamer .co .uk basicreader .co .cc
bassearch .info beerhouse .cz .cc
bftop .ru bladenraedes .org
blindry .com cadastro-real .com
butehotel .com consorzionavigli .it
c010x1 .co .cc cronenstr .co .cc
coca4ka .info deseprotikast .com
cocala .info dfasdgkgt .cz .cc
comcaste .co .cc dfgytcodgdw .com
coo0lnet .net down .playdns .info
cozemu7 .co .cc drummingmad .com
ealo .net fgsdfsdffg3 .co .cc
el-pics .com for-advanced-cfg2 .com
ellsearch .info free-big-data .com
etdw .co .cc freeinfoareacode .com
fiberlinez .com frilled-dragon .com
gate33 .info funkystuffhere .kickme .to
genoeco .com fvrwqtvedjqthln .com
greatreload .in fx010413 .whyi .org
hmmikr .com goforbroke .reads .it
jjwextxf .com greatreactor .co .cc
jx2dbtwg .com help .iptables .ws
kaxn .ru here .get-2011-version-now .info
kinokol .net hockeyminnie .co .cc
lider33 .tk huekacugegujed .linkpc .net
linkbuzz76 .eu jdfhdsgs4 .co .cc
ll12 .ru ldn5 .spiderwww .co .cc
loyeje5 .co .cc mediatracking .co .cc
megems .net memoristeak .co .cc
modaction .ru microsoftwindowssecurity181 .com
nefemo2 .co .cc next-file-server .com
nofotoraid .net olddesingqutim .com
nonononunu .com online-alert-policy62 .co .cc
ozone777 .com onlyonyx10 .com
parti20 .co .cc oooabterast0 .co .cc
perconel .com performancecarcompany .com
pinkiz .com popgoestheweek .com
poonstart .ru porn-hunt .cz .cc
qwwww .co .cc porn-hunter .cz .cc
redfjhsfk .com porntubexxl .com
reketfoto .ru postcardsservices .net
rfushop .com privateconfigurationforme .com
sercaag .com searchalthough .org
sgtewkhk .biz serpentarium .cv .ua
spbing .com snobchyct .info
tinki .jino .ru steamcastlerun .co .cc
trevorsee .net supercybersecurity .com
usofrance .fr systemdllsupd .ru
usosop .com time-sync-24 .net
veicl .net time-sync-24y .net
vkotalke .info unnurhmint .com
w1zzz .com unubiglenr .com
webyeeworx .com vandelivens .org
wedness .cv .ua winhostmanager .net
x1x4x0 .net winupdatecontrol .net
zedoze9 .co .cc zunder .facelookbs .net

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