299 New Malicious Sites to Block

Posted on September 26th, 2010 in exploit,fastflux,New Domains,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

dns trojan domains, rogue domains, dropper domains, exploit and other harmful domains. Sources include blog.dynamoo.com, www.abuse.ch, www.malwaredomainlist.com (the source for each entry is always in the domains.txt file)

Note: as discussed in an earlier post,  entries  in the zone file containing an underscore have the line appended with “check-names ignore;};”  Please let us know asap if you encounter any issues.

vviv .ru bellepetunia .com
zoma .ru celeb-o-rama .com
babac .ru dertentazner .com
qlepa .in doctorrteeny .com
166m .info happyjuniors .com
2211a .com httpdsconfig .com
am-way .ru httpssresrun .com
burais .fr infinitelivin .tw
l1nn .info ralaxanteras .com
sedr .info rapsvsvsn212 .net
ullte .com scaner-ac2 .cz .cc
vaqp .info scaner-add .cz .cc
ymso .info scaner-all .cz .cc
dsvbaiv .in service-stroy .ru
httpsxy .in smileyarcade .com
inmoble .ru smileyforyou .com
jastli .com 0day-exchange .com
sedrs .info beaucesansfil .com
wetbit .com bestfincareer .com
winavm .com bestviagranow .com
wordq .info counterslocal .com
xdsfa .info funbuddyicons .com
1520015 .com scaner-acea .cz .cc
algimas .com scaner-aced .cz .cc
all-side .hu scaner-acef .cz .cc
all4roof .ru scaner-aceh .cz .cc
dcquick .com scaner-anti .cz .cc
drugsab .com scaner-dual .cz .cc
httpsbee .in scaner-fast .cz .cc
httpsget .in scaner-ferw .cz .cc
httpssun .in scaner-high .cz .cc
jackcond .ru set-guard44 .co .cc
minirank .ru smileycentral .com
pure-air .ru syanmachinery .com
shiorey .com thesmileyblog .com
sinpoor .com trafficforalz .net
smarttds .ws web-traffic .cz .cc
topckit .com webmovieworks .com
yanefsi .com yangzhou-etdz .com
zakonoma .ru beautifulakota .com
adddzone .net bestfilesmovie .com
addonrock .ru cartonlinesite .com
aeroventa .ru funwebproducts .com
auto-wash .ru ripforvirus1 .co .cc
bilmedic .com ripforvirus2 .co .cc
bioloom .info ripforvirus3 .co .cc
bizuwafot .cn ripforvirus4 .co .cc
bostoca .info ripforvirus5 .co .cc
bromedic .com ripforvirus6 .co .cc
bu19i3st .com ripforvirus7 .co .cc
caumedic .com ripforvirus8 .co .cc
chem-prom .ru ripforvirus9 .co .cc
crosswall .ru scaner-ferda .cz .cc
erterzan .com scaner-gammi .cz .cc
gonepaint .ru scaner-hello .cz .cc
httpsgate .in searcharrogant .org
httpslink .in siteapartments .com
httpsload .in thisiscrazy1 .co .cc
httpsport .in thisiscrazy2 .co .cc
httpssite .in thisiscrazy3 .co .cc
httpszero .in thisiscrazy4 .co .cc
jezuqurih .cn thisiscrazy5 .co .cc
ludixoqif .cn thisiscrazy6 .co .cc
netspart .net thisiscrazy7 .co .cc
onlline .info thisiscrazy8 .co .cc
osen2010g .ru thisiscrazy9 .co .cc
petrjklo .com casinodirectnet .com
qvodabc .info google-stats49 .info
riqulayux .cn google-stats50 .info
sheathing .ru java-install .com .br
skinphan .com quickfilmonline .com
troknow .info ripforvirus10 .co .cc
vegipehob .cn ripforvirus11 .co .cc
westrest .com ripforvirus12 .co .cc
whiptone .com ripforvirus13 .co .cc
xeyaskas .com ripforvirus14 .co .cc
yivopivug .cn ripforvirus15 .co .cc
zalevaka .com ripforvirus16 .co .cc
18jlurp .co .cc ripforvirus17 .co .cc
999538945 .com ripforvirus18 .co .cc
alienradar .ru ripforvirus19 .co .cc
anadoctor .com ripforvirus20 .co .cc
bbkzbks .co .cc scaner-access .cz .cc
bojumeh .co .cc scaner-ferdad .cz .cc
boronbolt .net scaner-ferwae .cz .cc
fdsdorgan .com thisiscrazy10 .co .cc
fiendemed .com thisiscrazy11 .co .cc
headboong .com thisiscrazy12 .co .cc
hezhexh .co .cc thisiscrazy13 .co .cc
hezhlhe .co .cc thisiscrazy14 .co .cc
hezlhez .co .cc thisiscrazy15 .co .cc
hezlhhh .co .cc thisiscrazy16 .co .cc
hheuhhh .co .cc thisiscrazy17 .co .cc
hhezhe3 .co .cc thisiscrazy18 .co .cc
httpsquer .com thisiscrazy19 .co .cc
hutahhe .co .cc thisiscrazy20 .co .cc
hzthezh .co .cc thisiscrazy21 .co .cc
mmmbkbd .co .cc thisiscrazy22 .co .cc
mp3fiesta .com thisiscrazy23 .co .cc
myupdates .biz thisiscrazy24 .co .cc
qwedffh .co .cc thisiscrazy25 .co .cc
rezrett .co .cc thisiscrazy26 .co .cc
sandpimed .com thisiscrazy27 .co .cc
seowindow .net thisiscrazy28 .co .cc
tile-world .ru thisiscrazy29 .co .cc
trokblog .info thisiscrazy30 .co .cc
xodowud .co .cc thisiscrazy31 .co .cc
zaskupalt .com thisiscrazy32 .co .cc
3094903020 .com thisiscrazy33 .co .cc
3405090345 .com thisiscrazy34 .co .cc
airways-pro .ru thisiscrazy35 .co .cc
bapharmacy .com thisiscrazy36 .co .cc
bluefincom .com thisiscrazy37 .co .cc
bonutilite .com thisiscrazy38 .co .cc
casinonssd .com thisiscrazy39 .co .cc
dias-design .ru webscasinoslucky .ru
doctorrnes .com xxxvideo-dpiy .cz .cc
httpconfig .com xxxvideo-eyyc .cz .cc
largessff .info myupdateswindows .biz
quintivolt .com smileysinamerica .com
scaner-h .cz .cc supermediavision .com
servespring .ru worldtruejournal .biz
slikanddik .com aaarrr .bulletprof .net
smileybuzz .com onlinewatchmovies .net
socmdoctor .com trustposition22 .co .cc
trokhotel .info trustposition23 .co .cc
upyourpics .com desktopsecurityorg .com
window-tech .ru popularscreensaver .com
wrtumenter .com scaner-ferdadadf .cz .cc
345image456 .com security-power30 .co .cc
aestextiles .com security-power31 .co .cc
barrhavenbia .ca security-power32 .co .cc
chatsmileys .com security-power33 .co .cc
elecaedu777 .com security-power34 .co .cc
esupermedia .com security-power35 .co .cc
freefdsvoip .com security-power36 .co .cc
mountain-air .ru security-power37 .co .cc
office-ready .ru security-power38 .co .cc
poragraph .by .ru security-power39 .co .cc
scaner-ap .cz .cc smileycentralsucks .com
scaner-as .cz .cc amaury .nightparties .com
scaner-go .cz .cc as08as08s098as09a80s .ru
scaner-il .cz .cc camping-dwingelderveld .nl
scaner-it .cz .cc bestofvideos2010online .net
setyupdates .com desktopsecurity2010soft .com
smileyssuck .com desktopsecuritysolution .com
smileysucks .com myblindstudioinfoonline .com
trafix111 .co .cc securitysoftwaretechltd2010 .com
zactrs778zc .com qsbjlsdjlkb245jhbj44dklasbkb .com
amigosdirect .com

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Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.

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