New update: 246 harmful domains

Posted on July 8th, 2010 in 0day,New Domains by dglosser

sources: securehomenetwork.blogspot.com, blog.unmaskparasites.com, www.freepcsecurity.co.uk, blog.dynamoo.com and others:

aftui .in enstatcounter .net
sdlls .ru fortraffic001 .com
air-bt .ru fortraffic020 .com
motuh .com gigapornclip .info
mvbest .cn gigapornfilm .info
nhplm .org gigapornkino .info
polkj .com gigapornmpeg .info
varxx .com girlpornclip .info
vvxxn .com girlpornfilm .info
ceterx .com girlpornkino .info
drpepi .com girlpornmpeg .info
kanabus .eu girlsexmovie .info
oncokq .com girlsexrolik .info
u-2me .info girlsexvideo .info
unb0rn .org girlxxxmovie .info
34i5uhf .net girlxxxrolik .info
aimauto .org girlxxxvideo .info
dukhi .co .uk goodndservice .net
fqtxmad .com hellsexmovie .info
goodsite .in hellsexrolik .info
inforam .org hellsexvideo .info
jsonphp .net hotpornrolik .info
myldxrz .com hotpornvideo .info
nuzi .com .cn mediafeelinfo .com
rsa-rss .org microsoft-dns .com
starsico .ru mir-krossover .com
treecorn .ru mynudenetwork .com
yasetai .com newpornmovie .info
afgekrop .com newpornrolik .info
avalonx .info newpornvideo .info
docsxmad .com office-on-the .net
freese-x .net ruddersathome .com
ftpadobe .com trafficbiztds .com
gumrahee .com windowexpodfw .com
gumrahee .net annonce-rallye .com
gumrahee .org clear-web-tube .com
h45h45t9 .com colleynadanler .com
j82347236 .cn ecountertracker .cc
milowfan .com fastscan14pd .co .cc
mmslive .info getfreshflower .com
onicemano .in gigapornmovie .info
popclick .net gigapornrolik .info
razdacha .biz gigapornvideo .info
rofl11 .co .cc girlpornmovie .info
royalbio .net girlpornrolik .info
ubuuntu .info girlpornvideo .info
vipcodec .net liveinterneta .info
xmadinst .com mediacenterusa .com
abujablog .com quickloadvideo .com
adaichaepo .ru yandexsecurity .com
charter-x .biz best-tube-world .com
girlxavi .info google-analyzer .com
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hellxavi .info super-cool-tube .net
hellxmov .info themosquitoking .com
hellxvid .info update-windows7 .com
iaquarium .net clear-great-tube .com
lenta-rss .com smartenergymodel .net
mizotizo .info suoer-mego-tubes .com
moneyandex .ru super-tubes-mego .com
prospanx2 .com anti-malware-gold .com
sakjt3r5a .com best-scanner-2010 .com
sltgoogle .com downloadmoviesddl .com
veresgood .com googlewinsecurity .com
xmadinst .info smartenergymodel .info
1st-movies .org google-advertiseng .com
almodial .co .cc lifetimewebaddress .com
brushcourt .com mega-scan-pc-new14 .net
edisonsbar .com compressyourmortgage .com
fiiegoogle .com prufung-authentizitat .com
girlxclip .info softwarecracksonlineddl .com
girlxkino .info tandaclinicalmonitoring .com
girlxmpeg .info globalprotectionservices .com

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