List Cleanup: 646 Domains Removed

Posted on July 5th, 2010 in Domain News,Removed Domains by dglosser

646 domains have been removed. Please let us know if any need to be readded.

There were 31 domains added in July 2009 and, a year later,  are still actively serving up malware (according to google safebrowsing). Amazing. These domains are:

dreamheartsnow .cn
gasdry .ru
gemells .com
gogotraff .cn
gzpf .in
e37z .cn
ag268 .com
ancom1 .ru
myb88 .com
missing-codecs .net
pietka .eu
109438129432 .cn
234273849543 .cn
365ftf .com
a5m .ru
antivirusxp09 .com
ars-q .com
b1a .ru
b5c .ru
b5z .ru
b6l .ru
b7g .ru
b8e .ru
imagehut5 .cn
eachbul .com
thepicturehut .com
jumbobestrate .cn
microsotf .cn
tube84 .com
turbonamestore .cn
jjmmmmm .cn