Rogue domains, phish domains, scareware domains added

Posted on November 17th, 2009 in New Domains,Phishing,rogue antivirus by dglosser

Sources include www.tech-linkblog.com, blackip.ustc.edu.cn:

123123k .cn 1protectthispc .com
17xmm .info acha .org .fffazsf .org .uk
1job1 .cn activesecuritycard .cn
4-computer .com activesecuritycodes .cn
51she .info activesecuritytool .cn
58sese .com activesecurityzones .cn
592lv .cn altmaforbetchrono00000 .info
61wg .com altmaforbetchrono00000 .net
91rpp .com antispycenter .com
97feihu .com anti-spyware24 .com
abdata1 .com anti-spywarecenter .com
antiaid .com anti-spywarenet .com
antivirusj .com antispywaretop .com
antivirusm .com antispyworldwide .com
antivirusn .com antivaprof2009 .com
bebiland .com antiviraprof2009 .com
bobo555 .net aproximosstyle0112 .info
bookheads .cn automaticauto .ro
darkpieces .com bestantispysoft .com
davtraff .com bestvirusidentify .com
eeejssad .co .uk blockdefender .com
eeejssad .me .uk brasilive .vai .la
eeejssad .org .uk fastzonescannow .com
eeejssaf .co .uk fast-zonescannow .com
eeejssaf .me .uk fastzone-scannow .com
eeejssaf .org .uk fastzonescan-now .com
eeejssah .co .uk fastzonescannow .net
eeejssah .me .uk fast-zonescannow .net
eeejssah .org .uk fastzone-scannow .net
eeejssaw .me .uk friendfinder .com
eeejssaw .org .uk green-av-2010-pro .com
ggv .nna .cc guidetosecurity3 .com
gobarscan .com howtoprotect1 .com
hcardoso .com kill-virusd .com
kavymsu .cn learnherenow .com
kerleymira .com malicious-sites .com
kill-virusb .com marketingtechnologymaven .com
kill-virusc .com onlinegazik .name
kiniop .cn pcdoctor2010 .com
neeeaza .co .uk pcprotect2009 .com
neeeaza .me .uk pc-safe2009 .com
neeeaza .org .uk pcsafety2009 .com
neeeazd .co .uk pcsafetyonline .com
neeeazd .me .uk seekprotection2009 .com
neeeazd .org .uk slides .whyza .net
neeeazg .co .uk socks5servise .cn
neeeazg .me .uk spydetect2009 .com
neeeazg .org .uk spywaredetector24 .com
neeeazh .co .uk spyware-list .com
neeeazh .me .uk superactivesecurity .cn
neeeazh .org .uk systemwarrior .com
neeeazk .co .uk usadospa .com .br
neeeazk .me .uk useractivesecurity .cn
neeeazk .org .uk viruseliminater2009 .com
nutua .com virusidentifycenter .com
pvcox .biz virus-pcscan2 .com
rainbowlike .cn vpk .freehostia .com
scannerg .com webantispysoft .com
scannerh .com webanti-spyware .com
scannerr .com webpcdoctor .com
secure-me0 .com webpcprotect .com
sidlife .com webspydetect .com
trollgold .info windowsenterprisesuite .com
uffertyew .cn windows-scan01 .com
uyerfbvo .cn windows-scan06 .com
win-scan0 .com windows-scan07 .com
win-scan02 .com windows-scan09 .com
win-scan05 .com windows-scan12 .com
win-scan07 .com winscanner01 .com
win-scan09 .com winscanner13 .com
xin9999 .com

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Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
New: Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates.
The full files are located at: http://www.malwaredomains.com/files
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