Malware Blocklist Update 2008-01-11

Posted on January 11th, 2008 in fake codecs,New Domains by dglosser

The following domains added:

070808.net 2365.us
55189.net 68yu.cn
749571.com 888.com
bestdailyvids.com boomgirltv.com
codeczang.net highstate.net
jqxx.org loveyoushipin.com
mm5208.com qx13.cn
sbb22.com uc147.com
uuzzvv.com xks08.com
yun878.com yuotube.com

Iframe expoits, fake codecs.

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Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates
The full files are located at: http://www.malwaredomains.com/files

BOOT file is in MS DNS format
spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND Server format
domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference