More Storm Worm Domains

Posted on December 30th, 2007 in New Domains,Storm Worm by dglosser

US-CERT has released it’s own list of storm worm domains:

  • hxxp://newyearcards2008.com/
  • hxxp://merrychristmasdude.com
  • hxxp://ptowl.com <– New
  • hxxp://uhavepostcard.com
  • hxxp://yxbegan.com <– New
  • hxxp://happycards2008.com

  • Also, according to this source, the following domains were purchased the same time:

    tushove.com; tibeam.com; kqfloat.com; snbane.com; yxbegan.com; snlilac.com; qavoter.com; ptowl.com; wxtaste.com; eqcorn.com; ltbrew.com; bnably.com; fncarp.com
    Usually these domains would be considered “unverified”, but in light of the storm worm activity, they will be added to the main list in the next update.