Blackhole DNS Update – 196 new domains

Posted on March 30th, 2010 in exploit,fastflux,New Domains,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

Sources include securehomenetwork.blogspot.com, zeustracker.abuse.ch, ddanchev.blogspot.com:

alwyn-groupllc .com altitude-groupli .com
antitake .co .cc amplitude-groupmain .net
anynewmedia .com ant-yvirusstore .net
asperity-group .com antispyware-solution .com
asperitygroup .net antivir-online .co .cc
astraporntube .com augment-groupmain .tw
augment-group .com bestpicturemedia .cn
augmentgroup .net bestsocks5servise .com
auto-saloon .info bonusmediafile .com
av-groups .net california .podzemlje .net
avchecks .com celerity-groupmain .net
bdsmteacher .com celerity-groupmain .tw
bestsoftwware .com celeritygroupmain .tw
binverse .com desktoppcdefender .net
bluelife .co .in download .spyware-secure .com
briers .info epaymentprocess .com
curtal .info es6-scripts .dlv4 .com
detiinfo .ru excel-groupsvc .com
dhsinfo .info explosivewarez .info
dhsorg .org expresssoftwarepayment .com
donwload-oem .com fasthelpcenter .com
evatpe .com fastscanyourpc .com
expuls .info fecunda-groupmain .net
fecunda-group .com fecunda-groupmain .tw
filmworldinc .com firststategymnastics .com
flashsecurity .ru fr4-network .nocreditcard .com
foreaim-group .com furniture-style .info
foreaimgroup .net generalscansite .com
gdemoebablo .com golden-gateinc .com
gogle .com .hk how-to-secure-pc0 .info
golden-gateco .net how-to-secure-pc7 .info
gosomescan .com how-to-secure-pc9 .info
greendayss .com impact-groupinc .net
greylogic .info impact-groupnet .com
iframedialer .com internetdefence1 .at
intelfusion .info jackzard .110mb .com
it-sec .webege .com logisticservices .info
klaipedetis .com mediamovieworks .com
klaratsetkin .info mehrcodecmedia .com
komerkez .tk nccmicropayment .com
lenaivanova .info nocreditcardgay .com
linksonline .in office2008online .com
listenz .org pchelpserver2 .info
longed .info pchelpserver9 .info
lpm .mgroup .pl pchelpservero .info
lsnzroafntm .com pchelpserverw .info
luxor-groupco .tw pchelpsoftware4 .info
luxor-groupinc .tw pchelpsoftware7 .info
market2all .org pchelpsoftware8 .info
mayatek .info pchelpsoftwarez .info
metalteam .org pornflashgalls .com
mfgfgkemthr .com proteus-solutions-ltd .com
milicija .org proteus-solutions-ltd .org
moviestarplus .com realmediaworld .com
myabcd .info rubenvaneeckhout .com
myant-yvirus .net security-site1 .info
myxp .info security-site3 .info
naked-elves .com security-site5 .info
niceday2steal .in security-softwarea .info
nocreditcard .com security-softwaree .info
novawarez .org security-softwarey .info
ofgaqxyothr .com security1tutorial .com
platnuki .ru securitytutorial03 .com
plusmediadata .com securitytutorial05 .com
pravoved .pl .ua securitytutorial07 .com
ramualdo .com securitytutorial1a .com
searcharthur .org securitytutorial3a .com
securedz .com securitytutorial5a .com
sexpofreeporn .com securitytutorial7a .com
snzxrjelgsw .com securitytutorial8a .com
spamhaus .su spark-groupsvc .com
spyenemy .com spyware-secure .com
spywarepc .info stats .nocreditcard .com
srazuregnu .com supersecuritys .net
storeoffers .info synapse-groupfine .net
storyfold .info synapse-groupinc .tw
strantgre .info synapsegroupli .com
stratix .info tamadaporntube .com
stripplayer .com techno-worlds .info
super-win2010 .ru terrificmultimedia .net
superpuperss .com total-defender .com
swwatch .com trueworldmedia .net
tnmgroupinc .com videostreamworks .com
tnmgroupsvc .net warez-downloads .org
total-scan .net warezcrackserial .com
ttt20091124 .info westendgroupsvc .net
unmast .info win-protection .info
vidkonsultant .com win2protection .info
viralvideos .org win4protection .info
viruscaner .com win9protection .info
warez-vn .net winprotection-1 .info
warez-warez .com winprotection-3 .info
warezcentralz .com winprotection-9 .info
warezdatabase .com winprotection-e .info
wbot .in winprotectiona .info
xnasax .com winprotectionw .info
zalipuka .com yahoo-statistic .com

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Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates or one of the mirrors
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Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.

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