More Scareware, Zeus, Driveby-download Domains

Posted on March 24th, 2010 in New Domains,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

160 new domains flagged as drive-by downloads, scareware, zeus, and harmful by malc0de.com, jsunpack.jeek.org, malwareint.blogspot.com and others:

100slonov .ru aeziochuweeshoce .in
5iyouxi .net amazing-4-fotos .com
allevorun .biz androidmobilereviews .com
analitocs .com bbcadditionalguide .com
animezhd .com besttvshowininternet .com
apple-drink .com capital-security1 .info
appledrink .net capital-security2 .info
argiento .eu capital-security6 .info
banner2 .casino .com capital-securitya .info
bbs .97 .cn capital-securityc .info
berber2update .biz capital-securitye .info
blacktubes .in capital-securityt .info
brightonsales .com chromepluginsfree .com
bsanalytics .biz discoverprivateinfo .com
checkwebtriple .com discoverprivatelife .com
cml8 .cn discoverprivatemail .com
crymyway .com discoverprivatewebcams .com
daily00photos .com discoversecretdfacebook .com
daily6deals .com eizuechijiabotho .in
daily88news .com excellenthitech .com
davaydavay .net facebook-space .com
dellvideohacks .com facebookfriendwatch .com
discoverallnow .com facebookreadmail .com
duote .org free-amazon-coupon .com
eroticweb .ru free-ebay-stuff .com
facebook-pict .biz free-secret-info .com
fileserversl .com fulllife2photo .com
freevideos .osa .pl hightowerfisheye .com
fridaytr .com how-to-secure-pc1 .info
legomay .com iujoomaenoegeemi .in
legomay .net lenovovideohacks .com
legomay .org lineagecheatandbug .com
mc-crew .org mega1-antivirus3 .com
megavids .org mega1-antivirus5 .com
migpix .com mega1-antivirus7 .com
migpix .net mega1-antivirus9 .com
migpix .org mega1-scanner5 .com
modavedis .com mega1-scanner7 .com
modavedis .net mexicomaxtravel .com
modavedis .org microsoftbugtracks .com
nocderrors .com microstoreblog .com
parkeroffers .com mymailbusiness .com
pcx3 .cn partypartytime .com
portodrive .org private-0-photos .com
r2prod .com secureyourinfos .com
reggiepix .com security-softwarec .info
reggiepix .net seehiddenfacebook .com
reggiepix .org skyscrapeviews .com
regzapix .com smart-security1 .info
regzapix .net smart-securityo .info
regzapix .org smartsecurity0 .info
regzavids .com smartsecurity1 .info
regzavids .net smartsecurity2 .info
regzavids .org smartsecurity7 .info
restopix .org smartsecuritya .info
restpictures .com smartsecurityd .info
restpictures .net software-helpa .info
restpictures .org software-helpd .info
restway .net software-helpe .info
restway .org software-helpy .info
securemyfield .com software-helpz .info
tastyfiles .net special-software1 .info
technotrucks .net special-software3 .info
terraanews .com special-software7 .info
titansandgods .com special-software8 .info
vampirizmu .net special-software9 .info
vedivids .com specialwebhelp0 .info
vedivids .net specialwebhelp1 .info
vedivids .org specialwebhelp3 .info
vediway .com specialwebhelp5 .info
vediway .net specialwebhelp7 .info
vediway .org super2-antivirus .com
ver2-scanner .com super2-antivirus2 .com
ver2-scanner2 .com themusicdynasty .com
ver2-scanner4 .com titanicoverlight .com
videostvshows .com weddingiephotos .com
waycity .net weddings-sales-place .com
you22tube .com wheretosellford .com
yourblog2blog .com yahoobusinesstrip .com
yxjqbrijstkz .com yourmaximumphoto .com

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Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates or one of the mirrors
The full files are located at: http://www.malwaredomains.com/files or one of the mirrors
BOOT file is in MS DNS format. spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.

Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.

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