“You Have No Right to Block My Website”

Posted on November 4th, 2008 in Domain News by dglosser

Occassionally we receive emails asking or  demanding that we unblock a website. Sometimes we are accused of censorship. For example. we just received an email stating

“you are not eligible to block any websites I want to get access to. It is my privacy to do what I want to do.”

We do not block ANY websites. We publish a list of domains which have been associated with viruses or malware collected from public sources. It is up to the network administrators of your company or school to utilize this (or other) blocklists.

They can choose to use part of, or all, of the malware domain blocklist. They can also remove, or “whitelist”, any domains on the list.

We do not make any money off of this list.   It is free for anyone to use, for non-commercial use.

The list hosted here is a public service to be used as one more tool in the fight against malware. It is up to your school or corporation to use the list in any way they want for noncommercial use.

If you believe a domain is improperly listed, look at the domains.txt file, which contains the original reference as to why it was listed. Also check your domain in other services such as siteadvisor or Norton Safe Web. Finally, type your domain name and malware in a search engine. It’s possible your domain has been infected and you don’t realize it.

If you still believe a domain has been improperly listed, contact us. If we agree, we will delist it, usually within 24 hours

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