How you can help to keep the blocklist current

Posted on October 8th, 2008 in New Domains,Removed Domains by dglosser

Many people have asked how they can keep the blocklist current.   Here’s one way you can help:

  1. Download the domains.txt file and open it in a spreadsheet. Make sure each field is in a separate column.
  2. If the first column contains a #, ignore it. That domain has been delisted.
  3. If the sixth column (column F) contains a date, ignore it. That domain has been reverified.
  4. If the fifth column (columnE) contains the URL “www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/junk/cws_domains.txt” or “www.millersmiles.co.uk” then that domain needs to be reverified as still containing or associated with malware.
  5. Pick a few domains from the third column (column C). DO NOT VISIT THOSE domains!!
  6. Type the domain name in a major search engine (such as www.google.coma/search?q=paypalz.net+malware). See if there are any recent links or mentions by a major antivirus company or sandbox.
  7.  Check the domains against siteadvisor, google safe browsing, linkscanner, trustedsource, and other reputation services. (let me know of your favorites, I’ll post them in a later post).
  8. If you are satified that the domain has been “clean” for at least 2 years, let us know and we’ll delist it. It’s to everyone’s benefit to eliminate false positives or old domains. Thanks!

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