Ways to check your website for iframe injection

Posted on May 8th, 2008 in Domain News,iframes,sql injection by dglosser

From cnet:

run a Google search on the entire site to look for this malware infection. Specifically, do a search like

site:mywebsite.com winzipices.cn

Needless to say, replace “mywebsite.com” with the name of your website. It is important that there not be a space after the colon. Hopefully, as shown below, the search finds nothing.

A few other searches:

site:mysite.com ngg.js
site:mysite.com b.js
site:mywebsite.com script src

site:mywebsite.com script iframe

(Again, replace mywebsite.com with your own website).

You can even set up a google daily search to alert you….

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