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Posted on May 30th, 2011 in exploit,iframes,MoneyMule,New Domains,RBN,rogue antivirus,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

A little bit for everyone… domains associated with zeus, money mules, rogue security, rbn, zeus, exploits &  trojans. Sources include www.tristatelogic.com, www.threatexpert.com, securehomenetwork.blogspot.com (Every source is  listed in the domains.txt file):

4t7uxaxrg8 .co .be 98dfgr994883798df .com
74l8w .co .cc allston-groupsec .cc
aa2535245 .com arztpraxis-schaefer .de
atca-inc .com bands-groupsvc .com
atcanetworks .net bandsgroup-inc .net
bafihamuxav .com bisyvoqyxymyqi .com
bands-inc .com centrimedicitoscani .it
bandsgroupnet .cc developgroupinc .net
bapyrejecak .com evolvingsysinc .net
barribuza .com ewloidydytgba .co .be
beazenrad .cz .cc eyesecurr327458 .net
beefcake .jino .ru fairbankhouston .cz .cc
c0re .us galleogroupnet .net
ccfjuyut .bee .pl giant-groupinc .com
cnl-groupsvc .com guidopietro .com .ar
cnl-inc .com homeofficeteam .com
cnlgroup-inc .cc imperial-groupinc .com
cnlgroupnet .net imperial-groupsvc .net
cordanrad .cz .cc imperialgroupco .com
cosainse .com infotech-groupco .net
cruelbox .info infotech-groupinc .com
dehozykato .com infotechgroup-inc .com
develop-inc .com keepclean-cvsid .cz .cc
dsnextgen .com lady-gaga-romance .com
evolving-inc .com ladygagaromance .net
execon .kz ladygagaromance .org
firimasa .net ladygagaromancefilms .com
fojexojup .com ladygagaromancetips .com
foo .com lastnightphoto .net
fs8g78f8dduf .com loading-v-045 .cz .cc
fujoresaw .com loading-v-506 .cz .cc
galleo-inc .com lolitasexmovies .com
giant-groupco .net magnet-groupinc .cc
giant-groupnet .cc mexigawarynode .com
giantgroupinc .com myfreewebspase .info
host-groupsvc .net neframeofwork .com
hostgroup-inc .com netmarket-inc .com
hostgroupinc .com netmarkettech .net
hostgroupnet .cc novaris-groupllc .tw
ict-groupco .com novaris-grouporg .cc
ict-groupsvc .net novarisgroupmain .tw
ictgroupinc .com nymemuhoseran .com
ictgroupnet .cc ofsrtndmcxcsoexq .org
inkmoduledso .com online–access .com
jacumegekij .com online–products .com
johunyniv .com online-2011-version .com
juqupybocuto .com online-antivirus-protection-reviews .com
jvc-inc .com online-downloads-2010 .com
jvcgroupnet .net online-football-channel .com
kaliberdapod .net online-new-version .com
leducivudadyj .com online-tv-access .com
lopiuy .com online-tv-access .net
marihuqavigyt .com online-tv-on-pc .com
mercy-inc .com online-tv-on-your-pc .com
mercygroupnet .net online-vital-records .com
myspeezo .ce .ms online-web-download .com
narod-photo .ru online10flash .com
nastymomvids .com online11flash .com
nicynajomypy .com perseus-groupfine .tw
nixecynuho .com perseus-groupinc .tw
o18j38 .co .cc perseusgroupllc .cc
on3news .ru protest-west2011 .co .cc
on4news .ru ricogodobekax .com
on5news .com savvi-investments .com
on5news .ru scanner-ant-iv-xp .com
on6news .com scanner-win-protection .com
on6news .ru scanner-win-stuff-protection .com
on7news .ru scannerantbiteivxp .com
on8news .com scanneranthillsivxp .com
on8news .ru scannerantivirsoft .com
on9news .ru scannerantivirsoftdrink .com
online10news .com scannerantivirsoftdrinks .com
online10news .ru scannerantivirsoftlanding .com
podojykofogu .com scannerantivirsoftrock .com
pornopet .com scannerantivirsoftspot .com
pozefybop .com scannerantlionivxp .com
pranza .com scannerprotectiondogsfree .com
qazomequguca .com scannerprotectionofficesfree .com
qozohyhobuci .com scannerprotectionwin .com
rapekids .com scannerprotectionxp .com
sanstag .com scannerwingamesprotection .com
scannerantiv .com scannerwinprotection .com
serpbe .net sexteachervids .com
tun4atta .in simplychasinasis .com
usbirthforms .org smackbitches .hostding .com
usfoodstamps .org solarisgroupinc .com
usi-groupinc .net solarisgroupnet .net
usigroup-inc .com symihyceqemexo .com
usigroupinc .com tomiya .sites .uol .com .br
usigroupnet .cc track .upsclients .org
usvaforms .org ultra-gamesdownload .com
utorant .com ultragames-download .com
utorint .com unlimited-downloadcenter .com
utorrint .com unlimited-mediaaccess .com
uzldzzzeo3 .co .be unlimitedconsole-games .com
vaforms .org unlimiteddownloadcenter .com
vallesoft .com unlimiteddownloadnetwork .com
vital-groupco .cc unlimiteddownloads-center .com
vital-groupco .tw unlimitedgame-downloads .com
vtbew .info unlimitedgames-downloads .com
weriloxoro .com unlimitedmedia-access .com
wu2d .com unlimitedmultimedia-access .com
xymasehyfi .com us-legalforms .org
z9r2 .com us-vital-records .com
z9r4 .com usmarriagerecords .info
zao1 .cz .cc vancouver2010-olympicsonline .com
zepa6hr6jk .co .be victorymarketing .info
zfdim0u06t .co .be vital-groupinc .tw
zoo4arab .net

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