Bulletproof Domains, Moneymule Domains, Exploit Domains, iframes and more…

Exploit domains, bulletproof domains, Moneymule Domains, Palevo Domains…
Sources include amada.abuse.ch, hphosts.blogspot.com, www.malwaredomainlist.com, support.clean-mx.de (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

4565 .in 2g2gsdfhfh .co .cc
5673 .in allforyouonline .com
770304123 .com antiivirusgoe .com
9us .org antiquee-corp .info
acmedecor .ru antistresser .com
ademudmadve .com antivirusemail .com
adheadies .com aramategroup-int .info
anysnare .us art-marketllc .cc
apniscmvoe .ru artmarket-llc .net
av .babypin .net banjalucke-ljepotice .ru
av2011 .co .cc banner-stats .org
bebookfunk .com chriseden73 .free .fr
bevelli .com chronos-network .com
bmjdr .free .fr directsecuresite .com
ciss .cz .cc fourth-ukltd .net
dgp .cc fourthgroup-ltd .cc
dkandskm .com freeinfosociety .com
evnagivu .in g23ghshdfshj .co .cc
evnvu .in geg2gsxhsh .co .cc
f5v9w .com greekweddings .biz
fj43 .co .cc gsg23gsdhsh .co .cc
gamersite .eu gsg32gasegsh .co .cc
gghkqkkgytn .com hbaehanfznjfh .co .cc
guitarheroe .es helby-groupltd .biz
hd-56 .com highsecuritydirect .com
hitchouston .com hy-brasil .mhwang .com
hosgeffer .co .cc irc .ekizmedia .com
hotupdates .ru jejushinshin .co .kr
inetwork .by .ru junaidandzia .com
inf0z .com .ua karlasantoscaentano .com
iranblog .com knives .mahtarep .net
jiayifan .cn kssa .peasoul .com
jocelrolex .net mails .lebadv .com
kadds .ru marchingbaby .com
kamasut .net nudedancegirls .co .cc
karma2you .net officialsecuredsite .com
kghkqkkkdve .com oyunyoneticisi .com
koralda .com pickeklosarske .ru
landriver44 .ru qead-groupllc .net
mailforw .org query-google .com
maislex .net rolemodelstreetteam .invasioncrew .com
mix-plus .co .kr schwartzbrothersant-corp .com
odile-marco .com sdh4hsfhjfdjhsdf .co .cc
onlydev .fr securedirectsite .com
p0teha .com .ua securedsitedirect .com
pc-cheats .de securelive .co .kr
playerbox .in servicio-fisico .info
poqwwrr .com sexy-serbian-girls .info
pushot .com shopmovieproduction .cn
qead-llc .biz squitgroup-llc .net
radiosci .info taruntextiles .com
rignorell .info throne-groupllc .cc
sc2wc .info thronegroup-llc .co
send29931 .cn tinassanservice-groupllc .cc
sfgytdysytn .com tinassanserviceant-antteam .net
signafrica .com tinujeemoatoc .linkpc .net
sinip .es unfaimos .land .ru
stepworth .com update-drivers .in
svjazinet .ru us-acoongroup .net
throne-uk .at vintage-groupco .biz
twilattice .in vintagegroup-inc .com
uuquhc .ru west-view-art .cc
vdsvps .in westview-art .net
weirden .com worldofart-ltd .info
yujinshan .cn zccz .interfree .it
zhirok .net zemondocooler .com
zkasbo .ru

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Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.

Please download files from mirror if possible: http://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/

BOOT file is in MS DNS format. spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.

Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.

A trusted source on the WOT-the Web of Trust . Used by SURBL, MOREnet, SANs, and others…

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