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Posted on February 13th, 2011 in gumblar,iframes,New Domains,Spyeye,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

Malicious domains associated with blackhole exploit kit, palevo, gumblar, spyeye and other exploits. Sources include honeywhales.com, honeywhales.com, stopmalvertising.com (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

0did .co .cc 1iuhebritur .com
0r9h .co .cc 24thehshsdw .com
1gov .co .cc 3ffhi5uehbg .com
2gov .co .cc 4oihtgfgklnld .com
asfirey .com 5dshhgodhgi .com
autoklad .net 7hrtheg8deg .com
axstat .com 9f348hthgsf .com
banage .ru ajirfqradve .com
bevelli .com antispamverification .com
bgnt .net asfiuweof .co .cc
bki1 .co .cc automaticyaran .com
bki3 .co .cc av-updates .cw .cm
brempinok .com banjalucke-ljepotice .ru
cityjas .info bnet .doesntexist .org
clicklive .info booblegum22 .co .cc
codelive .info browsewriter .in
cupit-dom .com cheburash .ind .in
d1-eniro .com cl-whitelist .com
datayakoz .info clickweekend .info
disdarred .info co-co-co-co .cz .cc
dlm3 .co .cc diveintoaccessibility .org
dlm7 .co .cc facebook-surprise-jnsd .tk
eiub4ugbud .com facebook-surprise-ness .tk
elgeriofey .com findweekend .info
erubf .info foxypredators .com
flylive .info golontsaver1 .com
g-oogl-e .com gotbigbooty .org
gdsg .co .cc gube2qome8 .cz .cc
geodemy .com hotgallerygirls4u .com
goneblast .com hotvalentin .info
h4rthrt .co .cc houseaskme .info
hca-media .com hw9 .hostseguro .com
hotupdate .ru jebena .ananikolic .su
hujn .co .cc kirmayerlaw .com
hushstar .net lolallvolume .com
inkstock .gr makeitmove .com .au
jastrade .info mandoguard4 .com
jpg7 .cz .cc nawidakhgar .com
kaddos .ru nepalembassy .pk
ko6l .co .cc no-email-spam .com
kolhat .pl odemuamodve .com
kotofey .com ohjvnkvodve .com
lmagehost .com parislemarais .com
loanlove .info pcactivitydebugger .com
locodap .co .cc pcprecautionscenter .com
loveloan .info pcprotectionservant .com
magicbed .co .kr pyxovirginia .in
makliop .biz resortsinitaly .com
mixvide .info sagehillweb .com
naga2013 .co .cc satel25nbr .co .cc
naga2014 .co .cc sgtbcollege .org
nero .gol .ge silnopernul .co .cc
onmimay .com starmediainfo .in
pardokkate .com statick-dns .com
pay-clicks .ru storage-reportcenter678 .net
popatube .info storage-spectrgrover677 .net
pornero .info storageistorg-basdan678 .com
prodriver .ru supermovieshow .in
pushot .com swaytindel .com
reflerman .com systemtasksoptimizer .com
sb .uz t43hotorhe .com
seastats .com teamauctions .com
shljapa .com tuqidig5 .co .cc
t6ryt56 .info update-win-soft .ipq .co
trquebec .in urcdw .zavoddebila .com
vwi8 .co .cc v5881 .vozenet .com
vwi9 .co .cc valentincredit .info
web-der .com valentinsource .info
webfamba .in veodejtikkkaa .in
webzadel .in videospartyh .info
wildprize .com virgilguard1 .com
wodied .net vivaxmotos .com
wudcmb .net weekendbest .info
yaholove .info wellcomedowqa .co .cc
yahoone .info xeydvpyxvtacr .in
yakozbuy .info yahodigital .info
yakozwin .info yakozcool .info
youtube .me .uk zanzabaros .com
zxstats .com

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Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.

Please download files from mirror if possible: http://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/

BOOT file is in MS DNS format. spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.

Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.

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