NeoSploit, FastFlux, Zeus, MoneyMule Domains

Posted on February 8th, 2011 in exploit,fastflux,gumblar,iframes,MoneyMule,New Domains,NewSploit,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

Something for everyone…  Neosploit. Gumblar, fastflux, rogue, phoenix, money mule, zeus, and more…

Sources include securehomenetworks.blogspot.com, ddanchev.blogspot.com (Welcome Back), blog.unmaskparasites.com, zeustracker.abuse.ch (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file)

13grandferi .ru 2cbefb47060e6bc9 .com
329902034111 .com 349832409002394 .com
32gdjfkivcf .co .cc adolftsboyarinove .narod2 .ru
32tsdgseg .co .cc alwayskl2 .dyndns-home .com
4star-solutions .cc antibreakingsystem .com
acoon-groupllc .cc antivirussystem2011corp .com
acoongroup-llc .co arphis-goldgroup .cc
addaxonahacko .info arphisgoldgroup-inc .co
adscomplete .info asassis .sites .uol .com .br
aimic-groupllc .cc b16f0f08c55e9cc5 .com
alice .it b7bb5832b25c7869 .com
amina-groupco .co barracuda-antivirus .com
amina-groupinc .cc c5667d150fe0b41b .com
aminaorg .cc carlosfalavina .sites .uol .com .br
amstelone3 .biz cef1cef16e9471c9 .com
araccldta .net cefd9f37178eb5e4 .com
asystem .sk componentsprotector .com
bbs2 .mapeak .com daniilgrkrutoyzu .narod2 .ru
bonutilite .in dd79e9f502426e84 .com
browndrives .com digitalfilessite .in
browserdl .com diligence-groupinc .cc
buyvideo .info dvdstreamclipsluwl .co .cc
casinojasm .info e395368c52b40e2a .com
checkoutlook .info eder_rogerio .sites .uol .com .br
citygates .biz eef795a4eddaf1e7bd79212acc9dde16 .net
cocoongroup-llc .hk ef0a5ecbf42d83ed .com
consolemato .com elsden-groupinc .hk
curery-best .in engineering-design .org
diligence-group .co escorialescorial .com
dsjkslnew .com evgeniyayaiardankinyae .narod2 .ru
eejewels .co extratopupgrade .ru
englishrescue .com f532f7f478af8e7a .com
espmexusa .ru f598f03740695a8d .com
essalundahl .com facebook-surprise-cvsa .tk
ethesis .org facebook-surprise-cvsd .tk
filegroup-llc .co facebook-surprise-cvsf .tk
filvorks .com facebook-surprise-cvsg .tk
finestplugin .in facebook-surprise-cvsh .tk
firstola .net facebook-surprise-cvsi .tk
freminoust .com facebook-surprise-cvso .tk
gabtijtgytn .com facebook-surprise-cvsp .tk
gharibola .ru facebook-surprise-cvsq .tk
gotoessaved .rr .nu facebook-surprise-cvsr .tk
gotquesaved .rr .nu facebook-surprise-cvss .tk
goturssaved .rr .nu facebook-surprise-cvst .tk
greyzzsecure3 .com facebook-surprise-cvsu .tk
hirodomain .com facebook-surprise-cvsw .tk
im-sysgroup .co facebook-surprise-cvsy .tk
incogroup-usa .co fc03ec727f8861ef .com
kliikers .info fd06366c338dc774 .com
lbm-groupinc .co fe59294ea5f6f07c .com
lbmgroupco .cc feeder .next-time-feed .org
lcd-finance .cc filerestingplace .in
ledurbano .com getdigitalvideo .in
lookasaudio .com gleichfalls-groupinc .co
mallow-group .cc hardpower-holder .rr .nu
mijn-roedel .be hryyyymerwireless .net
minka .com .pe i-compass-group .co
money-visualuk .cc icr01 .appbundler .net
movenestecobra .ru imsystems-group .cc
muffsave9 .com lidiyadmvitinskiyvm .narod2 .ru
mukertvaros .hu lifeinsurancequestions .info
newufuq .com longhui .yhnetwork .cn
ntstats .com mail .privacycop .co .kr
oneboy .ru mallow-groupinc .co
pegasltdunion .cc michaelesgroup-usa .co
peruvianfood .com modulesadvanced .pro .br
psgtech72 .com moneyvisual-llc .co
radiumuk-ltd .cc moonlightw .mireene .com
randomlegend .net ozarkcreationsandantiques .com
rerodvix .info physis-groupllc .cc
safesecurenow .com physisgroup-llc .co
santorini-fin .cc pinfold-groupinc .co
savvyladies .net prazer2008 .sites .uol .com .br
scanavtool .com rajeshwariinfosys .com
snaretrack .biz rameshwartiles .com
stile-groupllc .cc redisco-groupinc .hk
studioingconti .it safe-securitymaster .rr .nu
techadvinc .cc savescan-foryou .rr .nu
traxchexfree .ru scanersolutionse .rr .nu
usgroup-amina .co schneller-groupinc .co
usgroup-reign .co schwartz-brothers .cc
virgilguard10 .com secure-softwaremanager .com
virgilguard2 .com securityguardprep .com
virgilguard3 .com silversun-groupuk .co
virgilguard4 .com silversungroup-inc .cc
virgilguard5 .com simple-network-checker .rr .nu
virgilguard6 .com stepanyggorokhovshchk .narod2 .ru
virgilguard7 .com studyincolorado .com
virgilguard8 .com terminal-service .net
virgilguard9 .com update .ip-ntwk .com
werodvix .info yqaireciye .linkpc .net
wizu .webd .pl

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