179 New Malicious Domains

Posted on February 6th, 2011 in exploit,gumblar,New Domains,rogue antivirus by dglosser

179 new malicious sites associated with gumblar, backdoors, moneymule, rogue security. Sources include securehomenetworks.blogspot.com, blog.unmaskparasites.com,
www.cyber-ta.org (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file)

4yurin .net 0b95e3b26f61814ccfff14732cf677f0 .info
accuratefiles .com 0f5587ea64f31c07a5c8c4e2d772a9c3 .info
ad-clear .com 20fe6f701bb9958ea8f21b5ed059c8e5 .info
antalyapress .com 2665ca51e64ed43371806fb58d939201 .info
antalyarally .com 2a68e7fae7692079eea9d03e9fdf0c19 .info
aus-finance .cc 2c6fafb275abdbe9ab914749d72c61e4 .info
aus-fininc .cc 39c2624ef781533934fd27b0b2cc537d .info
chargerz1970 .com 3d23e5816b59a22f52e7c7e9c2f0744c .info
chicor23 .com 4bab612b800ae4f788c5a14806f532c8 .info
cores-group .cc 4f2a5f41bf5e31b4701fe34191271e0d .info
couksns .cc 52c9d58f42d3ff15b1581fe7bc71c0cb .info
cushyhost .com 793266ef7c7b5b17429e9b6c689cb979 .info
dc06 .arabsh .com 7f7fb7020e658a93c9e1641cc474acfc .info
dc10 .arabsh .com 85c8e547c1c857d0b0ab9676736c3152 .info
decadnt .com 87d53fbc27630e53a7ca13b7242defb3 .info
detkasupe .co .cc 87f9197b3e6d886b72c1eb2d7af9e5e7 .info
directit .info 8c46a1cf0f8dcc3695862e6fef0fec18 .info
dret1q .cz .cc 8f5eff3f24fbea5a500ba9974779f6e6 .info
eftpsystem .com 98bde9f1137db98765508578349694a2 .info
egrfucgo .co .cc beckmenvineyards .com
elsoplongt .com best-onlysentinel .rr .nu
et-treska .com bredgar-groupllc .cc
farline-fin .co bredgargroup-llc .co
fawgh3 .cz .cc c34caefa7dabc50ce543000f24bce605 .info
filebox .me c48d93ee3ae1a2eadf5ec711616c248c .info
fintec-ltd .cc carport-diagnose .de
fintec-uk .co casinoantalya .com
forexinvest4 .com cesis-groupllc .cc
freshversion .biz cesisgroup-llc .cc
gazuem .co .cc coresgroup-inc .co
goo .gl craft-groupnet .cc
hhk57ryy .co .cc d5403e5622841dd806915a4de67dd9f8 .info
juzmksab .co .cc da9341709e53ad11d84c6284eda86043 .info
koilorio .com dangerousteens .com
lcd-fin .co dca3eeefdd8929d4bdf515a9089dd8f6 .info
liveonair .net descarga-total .com
lulango .com duncroft-group-inc .cc
macrotech-uk .co eac932138dbfdce39966aa07d36b3361 .info
macrotechinc .cc ebde6cc774abc92ea899dac57371454f .info
marfygroup .cc emule-security .net
mkbrothers .com f01cd3f7b4095b172df8ea9551943339 .info
mopar443 .com farline-fininc .cc
moparcars .net fc281189368041da24696fd4e1114cef .info
mypromofile .info fcccd8966e123fe9833b40b08db0ac18 .info
noble-works .net freezdec-ru .1gb .ru
nowtostream .in goodivelensay .org
onedatadirect .in googleantivirusonline12010 .co .cc
pc-privacy .co .kr journey-financial .cc
pixforfree .net monsterbux .ax3 .net
portal .maipu .cl oliver-sonsinc .cc
portalunse .com .ar online-solutionsllc .cc
prestoni .in powersonic .com .br
primobit .com privacyhidden .co .kr
privacyme .co .kr privacykeep .co .kr
productism .com privacyright .co .kr
qoqefa6 .co .cc productionguy .com
quadportal .co .cc productprotection .co .cc
quvvrvvrz .co .cc progi-gamesmail .ucoz .ru
qvwbu .info project-rainbowcrack .com
r32fgsh .co .cc protectinfo .co .kr
radium-group .cc quattropetroli .it
rapidcult .co .cc radiorocks .kiev .ua
rapidname .co .cc rarecontrol .co .cc
realrate .co .cc royalthelmas-group-llc .cc
rightvalue .co .cc safeprivacy .co .kr
ru .brans .pl sandiesangster .org
rxthz .info santorini-finance .co
sacex .net securityboan .co .kr
saiset .org server220 .uppit .com
sakarya-vho .org serviceeffect .co .cc
saldt .info shecanseeyou .info
salesian .net sikodil .si .ohost .de
smartbing .info smartconsultant .co .tz
solutionsltd .cc smartdomain .co .cc
speedklicker .de softwaremini .co .cc
spris .com sonyericsson .lua .pl
spspn .ca strongdomain .co .cc
statkeys .co .cc sunrisepr-groupltd .cc
sxtinc .com sweetpornobabes .com
taboo .za .pl systemusers .co .cc
techadv-inc .cc techouse-group .cc
tenxx .in totallicence .co .cc
ukccons .cc uktech-groupllc .cc
ukgroup-cesis .co varioguarderonline .com
verodvix .info video-girls4you .co .cc
vgomjkug .co .cc videofreeplay .fileave .com
vofcpa .com videos3 .fileave .com
yes-groupllc .cc windowsstar .co .cc
yesgroup-llc .co wormsdestroyer .com
zsitedu .com

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