zeus, neosploit, rogue domains added

Posted on December 5th, 2010 in iframes,New Domains,NewSploit,rogue antivirus,zeus by dglosser

139 domains: rogue domains, zeus domains, neosplit domains, malicious iframes… Sources include safebrowsing.clients.google.com, sitevet.com, safebrowsing.clients.google.com (Every source is always listed in the domains.txt file):

114oldest .com alamstore .madpage .com
a160 .in alexarating .info
adekniep .info antivirussolution2010next .com
afturd .org bd0hjsknhafokysl4yltpkutm .net
alwasluae .net bingcrawler .info
apdirj .info brainteaser-world .com
asgasgag6 .co .cc comunidadefotos .qipim .ru
askstats .info connecta2000 .com
avaccine .co .kr crystal-clear-files .com
bingoaup .info demartegroup .com
bingpower .info directvaccine .co .kr
bingstats .info domainscrawl .info
bismibrunei .com duraonautica .com .br
blsmath .com facebook-apz .com
cbcidlacncz .com fastbusinessleads .com
cleanv .com filespacestation .com
clear-files .net free-go-tube .info
crazyloader .com googlraiting .info
dbclean .co .kr grupoinovasamba .com .br
ddosclean .com gujaratgayatri .org
degyecya .info jabxhgojncz .com
dobstats .info jjigurwjncz .com
dryctyoty .info junkawayrecycling .co .uk
dvojka .si jurisnjuris .com
ebhosting .co .kr jxjd .gqt .org .cn
ekvirabed .org krishinternational .com
faceslike .net kristikitten .co .cc
fenkaololo2 .com kvofbhusawal .com
flash-03 .co .tv liandrastats .info
freepornl .info lifedatalab .com
freeteentube .in livedigitallibrary .com
freewebdll .com livemotionfiles .com
gdeqfqhgncz .com mappy-shuttle .com
horions .qc .ca marciagrostein .com
httpguard .us mechauffeur .com .au
httpwizard .us mefhgpxmncz .com
iiawvpnincz .com met-pol .home .pl
infocure .co .kr microsoftwindowssecurity145 .com
jabnwaejncz .com monidopo .bee .pl
juanluhens .es mpcollection .webphoto .ir
kiraxxxmix .ru multiclean .co .kr
kontech .kr netserverdata .com
legalaup .info nightautocom .ru
msu .spb .ru origin-ics .clickpotato .tv
mydatatool .net phjkojbpncz .com
nerashti .net porno-free .mcdir .ru
newvaccine .kr pornobfree .info
ojcow .home .pl powerdomsins .info
onlineoi .net proofloadmovie .com
pcflank .com provaccine .co .kr
peosorew .com romanian-gh3 .com
phirdegit .info saarthinnovative .com
proboan .co .kr samayagrotech .in
restrovids .net sdeladcsncz .com
runippau .info singaporeuniquetravel .com
starmobel .ro social-stats .info
studenett .com softwarereviewplus .com
tamiljugend .ch supersavertravelnetwork .com
tilayla .in theaffiliateblogger .com
timewhich .net thewordofchristindia .com
tosbing .info time-sharing .de
tosyahoo .info touchingapps .com
vatnaya0 .com tutorialstorm .com
vcboan .co .kr vaccine-free .co .kr
wonnabefree .tw vaccine-program .co .kr
woo-gie .com vaccinezone .co .kr
wwwcoreios .com vfgjrvyvncz .com
yoroksaba .info vfkevm .jesais .fr
youpsex .info vsd-avantages .fr
yousexm .info

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