Defense in Depth: IP and Netblock Blocking

Posted on March 25th, 2008 in Domain News,RBN by dglosser

A single solution will never catch all spyware and malware. A layered, defense-in-depth approach is needed. This includes antivirus/antispyware protection, proxy servers, domain blocking via blackhole-DNS, and blocking by IP addresses and netblock.
Blocking by IP address or netblock is a compliment to any domain or url-based blocklist*. Here is the story of one ISP who blocked known RBN netblocks.

Here are a few IP lists to consider:

If you know of any other high-quality lists, please contact us and we’ll summarize.

* Yes, we understand that some valid sites may be blocked. Any blocklist needs to be frequently-updated to reduce  the blocking of legit sites….

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