240 New bulletproof, zeus, c&c, exploit domains

Posted on September 23rd, 2010 in bulletproof,exploit,New Domains,Trojans,zeus by dglosser

Note: as discussed in an earlier post,  entries  in the zone file containing an underscore have the line appended with “check-names ignore;};”  Please let us know asap if you encounter any issues

zeus domains, exploit domains, c&c domains,  bulletproof and otherwise  domains categorized as malicious by amada.abuse.ch, vxvault.siri-urz.net, www3.malekal.com and others (the source for each entry is always in the domains.txt file):

10babbleset .net abodeflash-vol51 .co .cc
14centixo .net alimonyforces .com
21blogpedia .net allartsonline .com
22roota .net analitycscook .com
28rifftune .net analitycscord .com
2way2010 .info analitycscrack .com
34050690693 .com analitycscredit .com
399hansotar .com analitycscrime .com
985465 .net analitycscry .com
allnetart .com analitycscup .com
ankravsrc .lv animalsexporn .in
antispybase .com antimalwaresecurity .net
antispybase .net antispyprogtool .com
antispyeye .com antispywarepc .com
antispyeye .net antispywarepc .net
antispywork .net antispywareprog .net
artph .com antivirprime .net
atsopanol .com antizooxxx .co .cc
autoandarts .com artcooldesign .com
av-fox .net artrockdisplay .com
avfortress .com artscarparts .com
balancview .org artscraftsstudio .com
bastocks .com artsgallerysite .com
bauhath .com asiaartsonline .com
bbonusworld .com auctionhouseart .com
bcdfinder .com barcalys-trial .com
bdemkrhbfds .com barcalys-trial2 .com
besthomfdok .com bestartcenter .com
bfscooby .com bestartsnews .com
bigbendarts .com bestbodyarts .net
bigpoolarts .com bestcityarts .com
bigroadarts .com bestmalearts .com
bka .im bestmultiarts .com
bloglabel .net bgroundplatt .com
boundtube .net bigartsdirect .com
bourgum .com binuser .fileave .com
braineurons .com blackbeautyart .com
bricesearch .org botanicalgardenart .com
burrova .com brainboxonline .net
buyexplaine .com brightsphere .net
carheavens .ru casinosgoldscashs .ru
catbodyart .com casinosgoldsgames .ru
cazino-game .com centralasiaarts .com
ceonter .com cheapcyberarts .com
ceryxlt .com doctor5antivirus .com
cip-soft .com dvdfirmwareupdates .com
crazymasya .com dynamicnetwork .ru
cybernis .com ede76c .reggieprotector10 .com
durnosy .com goldspowersbetss .ru
dyr .medicnz .ru greatsokdfite .com
fastlouprim .com host66-flash .servehttp .com
forsett .com hottesttubemovies .com
forthemore .com ipchecker911 .com
froot .nl jeybicufuic .serveftp .net
gfguhsdig .com jipiqunimujumeja .scrapper-site .net
gnomsmotor .ru joinmediafiles .com
grings3 .cz .cc keygen .serdb01 .com
herrrtisof .com microantivirus-2009 .com
hhehshe .co .cc msnsolution .nicaze .net
imnet .us mysamsungapps .net
inlovebot .com net-master55 .co .cc
isoburn .in onl-for-fils .org
jadesquadg .com orygecpizdat .info
jetmember .net potterspoultry .co .uk
jhasrte .in proposta .hotmail .ru
jimkey .in realloungecentral .com
jmlklgjxt .in red-tube-video .net
jttjurop .in scaner-ac1 .cz .cc
junefreeporn .in scaner-acer .cz .cc
kirixi .in scaner-bcdercdc .cz .cc
kiwmvqjv .in scaner-bcderrwe .cz .cc
kjmrxjlx .in scaner-bcderrwesf .cz .cc
kjsagtsadt .in scaner-bcdgdffrs .cz .cc
kmqwe .in scaner-cio .cz .cc
kurva .kilu .de scaner-clouds .cz .cc
lejimer .co .cc scaner-coast .cz .cc
liruna .com scaner-demon .cz .cc
medicnz .ru scaner-dir .cz .cc
mmmbsbt .co .cc scaner-dro .cz .cc
mollpointer .com scaner-ear .cz .cc
monaco-auto .com scaner-eclips .cz .cc
moykamin .com scaner-eee .cz .cc
mygabfly .net scaner-end .cz .cc
myqopp .info scaner-enter .cz .cc
outgtrf .in scaner-idea .cz .cc
pokagih .co .cc scaner-internet .cz .cc
searchannoyed .org
qoppstore .info searchchatup .org
scaner-do .cz .cc searchcloudy .com
scaner-e .cz .cc searchclumsy .com
scaner-ed .cz .cc searchcolossal .com
scaner-ex .cz .cc searchendrun .org
scaner-i .cz .cc searchfertile .com
scaner-ip .cz .cc searchfierce .com
sdehaacsfds .com searchinhard .org
searchandsx .org searchinhure .org
searchangry .org searchinzone .org
searchbent .org searchlouinc .org
searchcold .com searchpieups .org
searchdirty .com searchpotinc .org
searchdisup .org searchreturup .org
searchdull .com searchsiminc .org
searchdusty .com searchtensup .org
searcheager .com searchtiesup .org
searchequal .com searchuserbar .org
searchinatl .org stable-defense33 .co .cc
searchinpat .org stable-defense40 .co .cc
searchjolly .com supermovieinfo .com
searchporit .org themoviecontent .com
searchsutes .org thereisnoss .biz
searchwilup .org tqpnqvebjkovok .net
sogston .com trafficforalz .org
supermcun .com truemediawork .com
supersocine .com trustedantivirus .com
tisheedesh .com unitedwestandmow .net
tro0l .com updatepcprotection .com
twitloop .com updatesdownloads .com
uilenowst .com updatespatchinfo .com
xhaito .com websextrasbetss .ru
zexxcom .com yourmovieupdates .com

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Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.

Please download files from mirror if possible:  http://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/files/

BOOT file is in MS DNS format. spywaredomains.zones file is in BIND format.

Also Available in AdBlock, ISA, and MaraDNS formats.

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