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Posted on March 1st, 2010 in fastflux,New Domains,rogue antivirus by dglosser

Upload was delayed by a few days due to weather issues from the latest storm. Sources include malwareurl.com, www.malwaredomainlist.com, www.scanw.com:

7-job-net .com 1class-antispyware .com
aboutrevers .com 1classantispyware .com
acb .bs .it 1classantispywarec .com
adjamadja .cn 1classantispywared .com
anywayi .info 2010-antivirus-scana .com
articlesi .info 2010-antivirus-scanh .com
bert8ihd .net 2010-antivirus-scanm .com
bestfreedns .in 2010-antivirus-scann .com
bizcontax .co .za 2010-antivirus-scanv .com
blogsnstuff .com antispy-security1 .com
bowwow .co .in antispy-security3 .com
brevard-fl .com antispy-security5 .com
bustedsafer .cn antispy-security7 .com
cekc2 .com availablemediamore .com
company-euro .com bestsysprotection .in
cpadm21 .org cafeinternationalcatering .com
cqb-inc .com cpu-help-online .info
dedicalsels .com derryrailtrail .org
dixon-link .com deserver .dnsdojo .net
dosuguss .net dnsresourcecenter .com
euro-shopping .net happyhardcoreporn .com
gold-es-net .com intel-z1-antispyware .com
goldes-it .com intel-z3-antispyware .com
good-nets .com intel-z5-antispyware .com
guard-lab .net intel-z6-antispyware .com
gxf .co .il intel-z7-antispyware .com
horosta1 .ru intel1-antivirus .com
inet-guard .net intel3-antivirus .com
inetguard2 .net intel5-antivirus .com
inetguardlab .net intel7-antivirus .com
inguards .net intel9-antivirus .com
it-financess .com internethosting .sg
job-for-yours .com lokal .enhedslisten .dk
justproud2b .com mega7-scanner .com
l2tops .msk .ru micro1soft-scanner .com
lionelsorin .fr micro2soft-scanner .com
liturile .ru micro4soft-scanner .com
livesoftrock .com micro6soft-scanner .com
mazeratis .com micro7soft-scanner .com
mega1-scanner .com microsoft-spynet .com
mega2-scanner .com nanoprotection-scan01 .com
mega4-scanner .com nanoprotection-scan02 .com
mega6-scanner .com nanoprotection-scan04 .com
missboston .org nanoprotection-scan07 .com
navigate777 .net nanoprotection-scan09 .com
newcarsdot .biz nextgen-scannerb .com
newcrawler .cn nextgen-scannerc .com
niposedas .ru nextgen-scannerd .com
nolif3-clan .net nextgen-scannerr .com
ntmeda .org nextgen-scannert .com
olypoos .com nitro-antispyware .com
oppiomna .com nitro-antispywarea .com
oyunland .org nitro-antispywarec .com
peyamnetsd .info nitro-antispywared .com
picula .ru nitro-antispywaret .com
playbosssiks .net online-web-net .com
poolst .in outoffinternet .info
probestclub .com people-and-job .net
purgand .com phiesookaeruaxah .in
redsol .cn protection11scan .com
retranslate .org protection12scan .com
s-domain .cn protection14scan .com
scanvirtek .com protection15scan .com
sheenalarsen .com protection18scan .com
slashrock .info quick0-antivirus-scan .com
softforwin25 .com quick2-antivirus-scan .com
sp-777 .com quick4-antivirus-scan .com
straks .fr richardspizza .com
susez .mine .nu rschaedeli .dyndns .org
tempr .ru run1-antivirus-scan .com
texasref .com run3-antivirus-scan .com
transport96 .ru run5-antivirus-scan .com
turningout .cn run7-antivirus-scan .com
uaetoon .net run9-antivirus-scan .com
univi .chez .com s172760532 .onlinehome .us
volosanka .cn secure-scanner .in
web-euro-it .com stopwarsintheworld .com
webfiless .com systemrestoreupdate .com
webpages-it .com tchetik .phpnet .us
wesst-es .net virus-scannerdot7 .com
wesst-netts .com waimaighaiphahxi .in
wwwtrue .org webcompany-es .net
yyx .wfu .edu .cn webcompany-euro .net

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Domains.txt file is the complete list along with original reference.
New: Justdomains contains list of only the domain names.
Updates are located at http://www.malwaredomains.com/updates or one of the mirrors
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